Monday, February 28, 2011

I may be a wyvern...

...but right now I FEEL like a shambling mound.

As a guy who really digs on astrology, I have to say I found this post over at Beyond the Black Gate incredibly clever, and amusing. I have no idea how much thought was put into it to draw parallels with the Chinese zodiac (Chinese astrology is NOT my forte), but flail snails and flumphs? He definitely knows his old school monsters!

I thought briefly about trying to ape his work with a stab at western astrology, but I just wasn't up to it today (as I said, I feel a bit "shambly"). The last few posts were a bit of a drain (thanks to all who bothered to read through them) is the late night baths and the early morning rising. Things on the blog "to do list" this week:

- back to the B/X Companion with some mass combat examples
- exploration of the Black School (the one I always wanted to attend as a kid)
- progress report on the new project (somehow I still managed a couple-four pages today)
- religion...again...maybe

Oh, yeah...and if I can get it up for Thursday (*hope*hope*), I'd really like to return to the captain's seat for an evening...I've got a little game I want to run. We'll see if I can pull it together.

Happy Monday, everyone...eight hours from now I've got to be at work, so it's time to catch some zzzzzzzz....

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  1. @Wyvern: I'm sticking with you, 'coz I'm made out of green slime... Hmm; doesn't quite have the same ring, that. :)
    Oh, and flumphs would set /anyone/ on edge. Cute! :p


    p.s. Sleep is over-rated, by the way.
    Acererak was actually a game designer who was over-committed to his studies in that dark art, didn't you know?