Saturday, February 19, 2011

1st Edition Shadowrun Experts?

I just have NOT been able to locate a copy of the first edition SR rules, nor the 1st edition Grimoire, and I'm beginning to think my memory is completely off the rails: did magic get hugely nerfed between first and second edition??

Here is how I remember the old 1st edition rules:

- Magic pool was equal to the caster's sorcery skill rating
- The number of buddies that could be protected by spell defense was limited (either to the number of the defender's sorcery skill or magic attribute...I don't remember)
- There were no "target resistance" tests: magician's rolled versus a target number and if the magician's successes weren't offset by a defending mage's spell defense, the target took the full brunt of the caster's success

If I AM remembering correctly, this made magic a very potent weapon, as opponents with no magical support could be quickly and easily hosed.

I also remember bound elementals could be "burned" (at least one service) for spell defense...another good reason to go through the cost and hours of summoning an elemental for a magical "bodyguard."

Am I off my rocker? Have targets always received a saving, "resistance test" to offset the success of the magical spell-caster?

Thanks for your help folks!

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  1. I have Shadowrun 1e (and the Grimoire). Magic was ridiculously powerful. Manabolt would cut down Street Samurai regardless of whatever armour and jacked up physical stats you wanted to give them. Their only hope was Wired Reflexes 3 which let them attack you 1,000 times before you got your turn... which was also ridiculous. :D