Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day... all my poor devoted followers! How I have neglected you so!

As one might assume, my time and attention has been mostly focused on spending time with my new child and the mother of said child...which is as it should be, of course. He is so cute! And sleeps so little at night! Which means my wife sleeps so little, period!

Of course, I feel guilty for my profound ability to drop off at an instant's notice and sleep through most anything given the slightest chance to relax.

And so I've been trying not to do this, but rather share in my wife's o-so-special suffering. Which means I was pretty much dead on my feet last week when I returned to work...not to mention the fact that I had almost zero desire to be at the office. In fact, pretty much the ONLY thing I did (besides putting out the usual fires and snoozing through meetings) was to work on a new writing project...and no, it was NOT the space opera game, but instead the "dark future fantasy" RPG I would hope would suppress any last itches I had to play Shadow Run.

I've got about a quarter of it written in three days.

Unfortunately, having a four day weekend (I took today off to be with the, baby, and beagles are all napping as I type this), wasn't nearly as productive as I'd hoped. Um...I mean as productive writing-wise as I'd hoped (the family time has been excellent). However, I have managed quite a bit of what I call "one-handed writing:" that is, note-scribbles on legal tablets that will later be transcribed into actual pages of good solid text...while holding the baby in one arm. While my left-handed scribbles are only barely legible, the right-handed stuff is pure gemstones, and with eight solid pages, I figure I'll be able to knock-out another huge chunk of text next time I'm back at the office.

It's a fun little project: I'm cribbing stuff from Top Secret, B/X (of course), Advanced Recon, and Cyberpunk into the mix, and it's shaping up to be a tasty goulash.

Hmm...the storm outside keeps causing my lights to flicker and it appears my internet connection needs to be reset before I can save/post this. I'll take that as a cue to sign off for now. More progress reports later, though.

Hope everyone's having a good one!


  1. Eight solid pages, new baby, great wife. Sounds perfect. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

  2. Priorities, priorities. Welcome to the 25-year project club that is parenthood!