Thursday, April 16, 2020

New Campaign

This will be a VERY quick note, as I've got several things to do this morning...hopefully before the kids wake up.

Today we're going to be playing our first session using video conferencing. I'll be running the game for my own children and two others (another brother and sister of ages 13 and 10). These are children of my wife's coworker. 

These kids already play Dungeons & Dragons -- or rather "D" (as they call it). Based on their ages, I'm guessing they've only ever played 5E, which might prove challenging if they're expecting to find dragonborn or tieflings or some other assorted nonsense (I've heard the boy's most recent character was some sort of dark elf "rogue" -- ugh).  I've provided them with a copy of my edited Men & Magic booklet; the thing is now the equivalent of a 40 page "Player's Guide," and apparently they're very excited to play. We'll see how it goes (and how they get along with just three classes!).

[well, four classes if you count the "Paladin" option, though at least they have some demihuman types to mix in. Nope, no thieves. Those (and their subclass) will be presented in a 4th "supplement" book...along with 0E bards, rangers, and illusionists...if I ever get through the first three books. Probably]

What's more exciting (to me) is that in preparing for today's game, I actually made quite a bit of headway on designing my campaign setting. Despite "starting small" (with a home town and an adventure site), I had to suss out quite a bit of the setting, in order to find how the adventure synchs with the rule book. I am VERY pleased with the result, and am hoping to make more progress in the coming days.

I'm not interested so much in "one-off" adventures in setting-less table games anymore. I'm just kind of done with introducing new players to the game through iconic adventure modules or random dungeons. From now on, my intention is to have everything feed into my new world/setting and its history...going forward, this is going to be JB's campaign, and it's time to start etching out its history.

I'll let folks know how it goes.
; )


  1. Good luck JB. I'm just about to start a game of Castle Xyntillan. Your B/X headgear table is seeing some use, and one of the MUs has a full greathelm. Hope it all goes well!

    1. Awesome...I was just thinking about the ol' headgear table the other day. I think it works great to get (adult) players into the mindset of the B/X game.

      OTOH, the kids I'm running are excited enough just to purchase leather armor and halberds.
      ; )

  2. Good luck! My face to face OSE Campaign is on indefinite hiatus due to Covid 19. Not sure if we will try to resurrect it or start something new when this ends.