Thursday, April 23, 2020

Master Weapon List (addendum)

Because folks asked for it, here's the PDF for download. I added the "ranged weapons" part to the bottom half.

Master Weapon List

This is the "cheat sheet" I talked about in yesterday's post. Because my players are showing up remotely, I don't have access to their character sheets. I ask what weapon they're using and I tell them what they need to hit based on the AC of the opponent. All ACs of monsters are assumed to be set as "equivalent of" a particular armor class...for instance, my goblins don't use shields but they're quick and dodgy, thus equivalent to a warrior in light armor using a shield for deflection (AC 6).

AC 1 is an armor class I use for adult dragons (and similar armored foes...if I think of any). Subadult dragons (and younger) are AC 3 or 2, depending.

Initiative is the usual (D6 roll for each side); knocked/loaded missile weapons may fire at the beginning of combat before initiative. Bows may load and fire in the same round, light crossbows may load and fire at the end of the round, heavy crossbows may only fire every other round .

The D6 roll of your opponent determines which segment your attack comes on. There are six (10 second) segments per one minute combat round.

The only declarations I require are from spell casters that want to cast spells. Magic-user spells go off on the segment equal to the spell level of the spell being used (for example, fireball goes off on segment three, since it is a 3rd level spell). Damage taken by a caster prior to spell execution ruins the spell. Clerical spells, most of which require touching, occurs during the clerics normal initiative turn (i.e. as determined by opponent's initiative roll).

Um...I think that's about it. So far, this seems to work. Please post any questions in the comments.


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing, and glad your group is doing better. I sent you an email. : )

  2. I downloaded without context. I'm guessing AC 9 is unarmored, 8 is shield only, 7 is leather, etc?

    1. Yes, that is correct. It’s based on the original Chainmail “armor classes” which combined leather and padded as AC7 (6 with shield), and most “medium” armors (including chain, splint, studded, and banded) as AC 5, 4 with shield. AC 3 is plate armor.