Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Master Weapon List

So much for simplifying.

This will be a short post. Monday's OD&D session was a train wreck. I mean, the players were awful. Doing stupid stuff. Not cooperating with each other. Getting themselves killed. The usual consequences from garbage play.

They're kids, sure. That's not enough of an excuse.

I won't elaborate except to say three out of four PCs were killed. In bad, self-inflicted ways. The fourth barely made it out. Total amount of treasure recovered from the dungeon: zero.  I stocked the place with damn near 50,000 gold pieces and half a dozen magic items. Bupkis.

I do not play easy. Mulligans are over. They can always roll up new characters.

Today we had another session. Due to a rescheduling, I was making meatloaf when the session started. I used the opportunity to explain the premise of the game: cooperation is key. Team work is vital. The only way to succeed is to work together. Splitting up is usually NOT going to lead to success.

They got the point, and today's game went much better. Everyone survived...three of the four down to single digit hit points, but they ALL made it out alive. Survived multiple encounters and even recovered some treasure (a bit less than 300 gold pieces) as well as the bodies of two of their fallen companions (from Monday's session). One of today's PC's was the son of one of the dead ones and he really wanted to raise his much so that when he couldn't afford the 5,000 gold piece price to raise the man, he offered 10,000 gold pieces and agreed to a quest spell to ensure payment.

Not bad. A lot of religious issues being raised in the campaign. And they haven't even met the White Wizard or the Zombie King. Maybe next session.

Oh, the title of this post? I spent half a day working through the Greyhawk (Supplement I) weapon adjustment material, cross-referencing it with Chainmail and AD&D (1st Ed.) and compiling a system that works with the OD&D "alternate (D20) combat system" includes both "weapon class" (from Chainmail) and references space requirements and speed factor, while also incorporating segments as presented in Eldritch Wizardry (Supplement III) and a standardized casting time system (for spells) into combat procedures. Got it typed up on a single page reference sheet and put it directly into use for today's session. Worked just fine and dandy; it's amazing how much detail one can squeeze into a system when you're not worried about ability score modifiers and armor classes outside a nine digit range.

Might have to laminate the card...I'm absurdly proud of it.
; )

Happy gaming to all, and to all a good night!


  1. Could you share? I have been trying for years to come up with a way to incorporate weapon speed and weapons v armor stuff at the table and have always been disappointed...since yours seems to work in play...I REALLY want to take a gander!

  2. You're such a tease - can we see it? :P

  3. @ Everyone:

    Yes, I'll get you a PDF to download.

  4. "Stupid" or "garbage" play is a necessary evil. It happens. In and of itself, I don't think it's good or bad. However, it can be incongruent with the adventure or GM's expectations.

    1. Mmm. "A necessary evil?" Neither "good or bad?"

      I don't think I agree on either count, Venger.

      I was a little drunky and irritable when I wrote this post. I'm a little drunky now as I write the response (though far less irritable). Take that with the following:

      You may not understand what I mean by the terms "stupid" or "garbage"...and that's on me, because I didn't care to elaborate. I shan't elaborate now because I don't want to interrupt my (non-irritable) buzz with frustrating reminisces.

      But I don't just mean "bad play." Bad play...i.e as opposed to "good" or "solid" something that comes with new players learning the ropes. That IS understandable: growing pains, if you will, and definitely a "necessary" part of the learning experience (not sure I'd even throw the word "evil" into the phrase). I'm not talking about bad, inexperienced play. I'm talking about STUPID play, GARBAGE play, as in "what the hell game do you think we're playing here, jackass?"

      Players learning how the game can be played well is something that one learns to roll with. Players having their characters do bullshit for the fck of it it is unacceptable.

    2. Like you, I've been GMing for over 35 years (I think you're in the same boat). I see haphazard shenanigans all the time. Sometimes it's the RPG, inexperience, miscommunication, player mood, or Uranus in retrograde.

      "What do you mean you pants the lich?"

      "A necessary evil" rarely describes actual, true evil. It's just an expression. ;)

  5. I am just starting out, could you explain what the +x/-x in the table means. Is it a "to hit" or a "damage" modification? Best

    1. For both my own "master weapon list" and the original table found in the Greyhawk supplement (Supplement I), the bonus/penalty is to attack rolls only.

      : )