Monday, June 25, 2012

Saddle-Stitch? Not this time.

Met with my printer today to talk about the new book and get an estimate. The new book turned out to be more pages than I'd initially anticipated (60 instead of 40) due in large part to the inclusion of spell lists for several new spell-casting classes, but at least it was able to come in at under 64 pages, and managed to include everything I wanted in it.

Unlike the B/X Companion book (still needing to get that uploaded somewhere as a PDF...soon! soon!), the new book will be perfect-bound instead of saddle-stitched. For those new to the "printing lingo," that means no staples down the middle...instead, it will look like your usual RPG supplement or splat book. Doing the book perfect-bound means the cost for book will increase, but I'm doing a larger print-run this time to off-set the costs (we'll see how many extra books I end up having left over...). It also means less chance of getting defective copies (something that happened all too often with the last book).

Right now, I'm just waiting to hear back from my cover artist regarding some last minute additions to the cover format, and then the order will be off to the printer and I can go about figuring how to put a new PayPal button on the blog. I told Brian today, there were times when I started to think this particular project was never going to get finished. After finishing the B/X Companion, this one was a helluva' lot easier to write...but finding the time to put it all together was just sooooo irksome. It sure is tough trying to work a hobby/2nd job on the side when you've got a new baby needing love and attention...everything just seems to move at quarter speed.

Ah, well, it's pretty hard to complain when A) the kid is my favorite thing in the world, and B) the book got done anyway. I know my artists are all excited to see the end result in print form. I'm hopeful it will meet their expectations.

More news on this coming as it gets wrapped up.
: )


  1. Congrats on getting to the end, I look forward to adding the new book to my BX Companion.

  2. Perfect bound works very nicely. Congrats on being able to do a larger print run, that is very cool, and great news.


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