Monday, June 11, 2012

News from the Summerlands

I started writing a post yesterday, but instead was over-taken by the wonderful weather and spent much of the day outside walking or working; it was an absolutely gorgeous day in of the days where people finally say, O Yeah, now I see why we tolerate the rain for nine months out of the year. I just couldn't sit in front of a computer under those kind of conditions.

However, it wasn't just the weather that made the day so glorious. First, my family returned to Seattle (in late afternoon) safe and sound, which made MY day. Very glad to have them back with me, even though my infant son broke my fast by shoving a piece of garlic bread down my throat at dinner (I'm still fasting today, but I may have blown the whole detox least I'm laying off the donuts at work).

The OTHER bit of news that will be of more interest to my readers is this: I've finally got all the artwork in for my new book The Complete B/X Adventurer! And it is some swell stuff, let me tell you! Hopefully, I'll be able to get the formatting and proofing done by this weekend, and then it will be off to the printer.

Stay tuned for more info! This one's been a loooong time coming!
: )


  1. Hmmm, could we also see a PDF version of the B/X Companion someday soon?! ;-)

  2. @ Drance:

    That's on its way!