Saturday, June 23, 2012

Home Stretch on the New Book

The new book is nearing total completion. The art is there, the formatting is done, and the page numbers are loaded. I've got two more charts to stuff, a table of contents to write, and some credits to give, but I hope to have all that done by tomorrow.

Which would be a very good thing, since I have an appointment with my printer on Monday.

I won't bore you with another movie review (saw Rock of Ages today...for a film set in 1987, they sure had a lot of stuff from 1988-90. As usual, the biggest surprise was Tom Cruise, whose pipes on Wanted Dead or Alive were pretty was a better rendition than your usual karaoke and his tenor felt metal enough I wondered if it was actually a "stunt voice" coming out of his mouth. Unfortunately, his other songs weren't as good, though he was entertaining enough as rock god Stacie Jaxx).

Instead, I'm going to get back to finishing up those charts. Later, Gators.


  1. friendly, well-meaning input

    do not forget an index . . .

  2. @ Clovis:

    In all seriousness, I was planning on skipping the index on this one: there are no new terms or concepts bring introduced, and each section is compartmentalized enough that the job can get done with a simple, comprehensive table of contents. It's a 60 page supplement, not a 200 page rule book!
    : )