Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Day in Orizaba, Veracruz

At least for this particular trip...we'll be heading back to Mexico City in a couple hours and returning to the U.S. in the next day or so.

There is much I could write about Mexican culture, both very good things and very bad. It is always with mixed feelings that I leave the country: a bit of melancholy to be leaving friends and family (and food) behind, excitement of seeing friends and family (and food) in the place of MY birth, Seattle. And yes, some relief to go back to a country where law enforcement is generally trusted and technology tends to work more often than not and the usual attitude is "the customer is always right" instead of "sorry, it's not my fault."

[regarding food in Seattle: it's January, which means we are in the middle of the shellfish season. Most seafood is better in these winter months, and I am looking forward to some fresh Dungeness and oysters...not to mention nigiri and alder-smoked salmon. No, NOT all at the same sitting!]

It'll also be good to get back to my ESPN and American coverage of the NFL. 2012 is officially upon us, and the regular season has ended: here come the play-offs! Trying to find a broadcast football game in Orizaba (especially the Seahawks) is pretty tough, but I managed it. I'm looking forward to watching with ease from the comfort of my own couch.

[long break...hopped my bus and was in traffic for an extra two hours...that's not-quite-hell with a small child. Fortunately my boy, while easily bored, also managed to take two naps during the six hour ride. I am now writing from the comfort of the Mexico City Hilton]

Regarding the New Year: there's a tendency to post "state of the [RPG] industry" blog posts this time of year. I won't be doing that as I have no idea what or how the industry is doing; much as I'd like to claim otherwise, I'm no insider (though I do try to keep my ear to the ground). I can only take a look at my own industry/industriousness (or lack thereof) and say: um, yeah, 2011 wasn't a banner year for yours truly as far as being a contributor.

Yes, I got a few interesting blog posts up and maybe gave some people some food for thought; I also had a chance to play-test some things that might contribute to the industry somewhere down the line. And, of course, I was able to distribute more than a few copies of my own book, hopefully generating some interest in the original fantasy adventure game...especially in taking that game to new heights (heights of level, that is).

Oh, yeah...and I roundly panned DCC on more than a few occasions, quite possibly being a stick in the craw of Goodman Games. 'Course there's no such thing as bad publicity, right? I don't know; maybe that counts as a contribution.
; )

Anyway, I got nothing done the last few days, that's for sure. Well, except for finishing two books (McCaffery's Dragonflight and Bradley's Sharra's Exile...both damn good, as well as thought provoking) and getting almost entirely through a third: Farah Mendlesohn's The Inter-Galactic Playground. The sub-title of this latter is A Critical Study of Children's and Teen's Science Fiction and, no, it is not a novel but someone's published doctorate thesis on the subject. It's also quite fascinating and thought-provoking; makes me want to write children's literature.

Of course, the titles that keep popping into my head are things like "The Littlest Viking" and other non-child appropriate subjects.

All right, the family's hungry, so we're going to go grab some tacos. Literally. Later, folks!
: )

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  1. Glad you're having a good trip. I want to hear about the Metallica singing.