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Land of Ice (Treasure, Part 1)

[this is a long one because I want to get all the tables down in a single post. Because of my poor knowledge of HTML, the tables are simply text, not nice little grids. If LAND OF ICE is ever published in a different form (print, PDF) the tables will be presented in a format that is easier on the eyes...but, hey, reading the blog is free, right?]

Treasure placement in the LAND OF ICE is a little different from the normal B/X game. Treasure types listed for monsters include the type of treasure actually accumulated and possessed by creatures. Most monsters in the LAND OF ICE care nothing for treasure, and any treasure found in a creature’s lair is incidental or accidental.

When the DM determines the size of a treasure hoard randomly, the total treasure found can be considered the total value of the treasure. A treasure trove need not be completely composed of coins: pelts, furs, ingots, collectable artifacts, furniture, books, food supplies – even hard, scrap metal (so scarce in the LAND OF ICE) – all can take the place of coins.

The treasure types listed in Chapter 6 correspond with the table below, rather than the charts found in other books. NOTE: value of coins found are in the 100s, not 1000s.

Treasure Type – Coins (the number of coins found is in the 100s)
A – CP (35%, D6x10), SS (40%, D6x10), GM (30%, 2D4)
B – CP (50%, D8), SS (25%, D6), GM (25%, D3)
C – CP (20%, D12), SS (30%, D4), GM (Nil)
D – CP (10%, D8), SS (15%, D12), GM (25%, D6)
E – CP (5%, D10), SS (30%, D12), GM (25%, D8)
F – CP (Nil), SS (10%, 2D10), GM (45%, D12)
G – CP (Nil), SS (Nil), GM (50%, D4x50)
H – CP (50%, 3D8x10), SS (50%, D100x10), GM (50%, D6x100)
I – CP (Nil), SS (Nil), GM (Nil)

Treasure Type – Other
A – Gms/Jwl (50%, 4D6), Magic (30%, any D3 items)
B – Gms/Jwl (25%, D6), Magic (10%, any sword, armor, or weapon)
C – Gms/Jwl (25%, D4), Magic (10%, any 2 items)
D – Gms/Jwl (30%, D8), Magic (15%, D3 items, no weapons)
E – Gms/Jwl (10%, D10), Magic (30%, any 3 items + 1 potion)
F – Gms/Jwl (20%, 2D12/10%, D12), Magic (30%, any D4 items)
G – Gms/Jwl (25%, 6D6/25%, 2D10), Magic (40%, any D4 items + 1 rune work)
H – Gms/Jwl (50%, D100/50%, D4x10), Magic (20%, any D6 items)
I – Gms/Jwl (50%, 2D6), Magic (15%, any D3 items)


To determine the value of individual gems roll on the following table:

Roll D% – Value
01-20 – 2gm (25ss)
21-45 – 10gm
46-75 – 20gm
76-95 – 100gm
96-00 – 200gm

As stated in Basic rule book, once the total value of gems in a hoard are determined, gem values can be grouped according to the DM’s preference to increase the variety of stones found. Gems are NOT the same as power crystals.


The value of individual pieces of jewelry is determined by rolling 6D6 and multiplying the result by 10 gold marks, getting a result of 60-360gm per piece. As with gems, single pieces of jewelry can be split into smaller value pieces and multiple pieces can be consolidated into single high value pieces.

Remember that in LAND OF ICE, the conversion rate is:

2 gold marks = 25 silver shillings = 250 copper pennies

Characters earn 1 XP for every 1 GM worth of treasure found or earned while adventuring.


Magical items in LAND OF ICE are somewhat different from those found in earlier books. Although considered “magical” by the northmen, most are based on ancient or lost technology rather than any supernatural enchantment. In addition, items that appear superficially similar to magic items in other editions may have subtle differences to how they are used in play; it is important that DMs carefully read the descriptions of any magic items placed in the game.

IDENTIFYING MAGIC ITEMS: Most of the items listed here are readily identifiable as “magical” by their appearance. Potions and rune work are obvious, and other items are extremely old and/or exquisitely crafted in a fashion beyond the skill of any but a dvergr. Unless otherwise stated, all magical weapons and armor incorporate the element duranium to some degree. Duranium is an exceptionally light, hard metal not found in the LAND OF ICE, but cannibalized and recycled from the starship and machinery of those who came to the planet so long ago.

PSYCHIC IMPRINTING: Many of the items listed (all weapons and armor with special abilities or +2 or better enchantment, all crystals and crystal weapons, and most miscellaneous items) rely on a lost technology of psychic imprinting; the item bonds with its owner to make its powers accessible for use. These items are crafted in such a way as to set up a psychic resonance; a person picking up such an item immediately understands that the potential for bonding, can then attempt attunement with the item. A character does not have to possess psychic powers to bond with such an item; the psychic imprint item resonates with latent psychic energy found in the brainwaves of all sentient creatures.

All psychic imprint items have a staging number, similar to the staging number of psychic talents (see Chapter 3). Any human or alfr attempting to bond with an item roll 2D6 to attempt the bond, and both dice must roll over the staging number for the bond to occur. Dvergar and the humanoid creatures found in LAND OF ICE (trolls, snobolds, troglodytes) only roll 2D4 for a bonding attempt. A character can spend an advance (see Chapter 4) to increase the chance to bond with an item, just as if increasing the chance to use a psychic talent. Such an increase will hold for ANY item of the specific type later found (for example, a fighter finds a firebrand sword and spends two advances to increase his chance of bonding with it from 2D6 to 2D10. If he ever encounters another firebrand sword, his bonding chance remains 2D10, not 2D6). Dragur, ghouls, and wraiths cannot bond with psychic imprint items and lose any attunement previously possessed.

Failure to bond with a psychic imprint item causes psychic backlash: D6 damage if one die fails to roll over the staging number, 2D6 damage if both dice fail the roll. A character that rolls “snake-eyes” on the attunement attempt takes damage AND gains a point of corruption (and requires a saving throw; see Chapter 3 and Chapter 5 for more information on corruption and corruption saves).

USING ITEMS: Potions function by drinking; rune work provides their benefits to those who can decipher their writing. All other items require wearing, wielding, and possible psychic attunement to function.

Weapons and armor do not have to be psychically attuned to use; however, without psychic attunement no weapon or armor will function at better than +1 ability (and none of the weapon’s other powers will be available, in the case of swords). Unless stated otherwise in their description, power crystals, crystal weapons, and miscellaneous items will NOT function without psychic attunement. Each item must be individually attuned; attuning one runeblade (for example) does not allow the automatic attunement of another such weapon.

CHARGES: Some items have charges (notably power crystals and those items that use crystal technology); the knowledge of how to recharge such items has been lost. Once all an item’s charges have been expended it ceases to broadcast psychic resonance and becomes a “non-magical” item in all regards.

Magic items are determined using the following tables:

01-20 – Swords
21-35 – Armor
36-45 – Misc. Weapons
46-70 – Potions
71-80 – Rune Work
81-85 – Power Crystals
86-90 – Crystal Weapons
91-00 – Misc. Items

Roll D% – SWORD
01-30 Sword +1
31-36 Sword +1, +2 vs. Beast
37-42 Sword +1, +2 vs. Proto-Human
43-48 Sword +1, +2 vs. Psychic
49-52 Sword +1, +3 vs. Dragon
53-56 Sword +1, +3 vs. Jotun
57-60 Sword +1, Berserker
61-64 Sword +1, Firebrand
65-69 Sword +1, Illumination
70-71 Sword +1, Necromantic
72-76 Sword +1, Pathfinder
77-78 Sword +1, Resurrection
79-83 Sword +2
84-85 Sword +2, Enchantment
86-87 Sword +3 (Runeblade)
88-00 Sword, Flawed

Roll D% – ARMOR
01-20 Leather Jack +1
21-30 Jack & Shield +1
31-43 Mail +1
44-48 Mail +2
49-50 Mail +3 (Rune armor)
51-60 Set: Mail & Shield +1
61-65 Set: Mail & Shield +2
66-85 Shield +1
86-90 Shield +2
91-00 Mail, Flawed

01-12 Arrows +1 (1-20)
13-15 Arrows, Incendiary (1-8)
16-26 Axe +1
27-31 Axe +2
32-39 Bow +1
40-56 Dagger +1
57-60 Dagger +2
61-67 Mace +1
68-70 Mace +2
71-82 Maul +1
83-84 Maul +2
85 Maul +3 (Rune weapon)
86-95 Spear +1
96-98 Spear +2
99-00 Spear +3 (Rune weapon)

Roll D% – POTION
01-10 Animalism
11-20 Anti-Venom
21-23 Berserking
24-30 Courage
31-40 Fire-Proofing
41-45 Hallucination
46-65 Healing
66-68 Longevity
69-73 Pain Resistance
74-78 Poison
79-80 Prophecy
81-85 Psychic Potency
86-90 Strength
91-00 Venom

01-15 Map to Treasure
16-25 Psychic Trainer
26-33 Treatise – Ability Score
34-37 Treatise – Armor
38-67 Treatise – Common Knowledge
68-71 Treatise – Crystal Weapon
72-75 Treatise – Misc. Item
76-79 Treatise – Misc. Weapon
80-83 Treatise – Power Crystal
84-95 Treatise – Secret Lore
96-00 Treatise – Sword

01-09 Awareness
10-12 Command
13-20 Damaged Crystal
21-29 Defense
30-39 Elemental Resistance
40-42 Enlightenment
43-46 Levitation
47-52 Mental Projection
53-57 Mind Barrier
58-60 Mind Trap
61-64 Pyrokinetics
65-69 Regeneration
70-94 Spent Crystal
95-98 Telekinesis
99-00 Teleportation

01-05 Cold Projection
06-10 Entropic Increase
11-20 Expended Weapon
21-30 Fear Inducement
31-35 Fire Projection
36-38 Gravity Control
39-45 Healing Rays
46-55 Life Detection
56-60 Lightning Projection
61-70 Metal Detection
71-74 Psychic Detection
75-77 Psychic Negation
78-87 Stunning
88-92 Thundering Strike
93-00 Trapped Weapon

Roll D% – MISC. ITEM
01-05 Amulet of Empathy
06-10 Amulet of Mind Shielding
11-15 Circle of Pain
16-20 Circle of Telepathy
21-25 Death Implant
26-30 Globe of Destruction
31-35 Horn of Blasting
36-40 Invisible Blade
41-55 Junk Item
56-60 Language Implant
61-65 Levitation Boots
66-70 Psionic Mask
71-75 Scrying Crystal
76-80 Shift-Suit
81-85 Sky Sled
86-90 Strength Harness
91-95 Troll Gloves
96-00 Warp Cloak


  1. I really like the psychic imprinting idea! Is that one yours? I've been playing with different ideas to make magic items more "awesome" and this seems like a good possibility. thanks for sharing!

  2. Is it my idea? Of course it is! Sheesh!

    I have SOME creative ideas!