Saturday, September 10, 2011

Opening Day: T-Minus 5 minutes (PST)

Welp, tomorrow is Football Sunday for the first time this season, and my favorite team will be playing down in San Francisco against our division rivals the 49ers. As usually occurs for me this time of year, thoughts of the roar of the greasepaint and smell of the crowd has conjured the urge to pull out Ye Old Blood Bowl set and mock up a, scrimmage...between the two teams in a true "fantasy" fashion.

Under sunny skies, I can only imagine the players warming up, the QBs limbering up their arms...

The rookies high-fiving each other for not being cut...

A few last minute pep talks...

And then, of course, the solemn faces for photographers while the National Anthem reminds us of all the unhealed scars of 9/11.

That is less interesting to me, though I know it is sure to be discussed on all the networks to some extent or another. What IS interesting to me is knowing just what the hell is going to show up for the Seahawks tomorrow. The pre-season flurry of cuts and new acquisitions, not to mention incredibly suspect play from our O-line in the four pre-season games gives most Seattle fans a lot of anxiety.

Not that 49ers fans don't have their own anxiety (can Jim Harbaugh turn Alex Smith around?). But I have a feeling the Niners own offensive line woes might find him running for his life.

And who knows how the injuries will pile up.

On the other hand, perhaps Frank Gore will have his regular annual field day with the Hawks, while the defense looks bemused...

I can only hope Marshawn breaks off a good run, leaving Niners strewn in his wake...

And the refs play a fair game (of course)...

But of course, it all hinges on Tavaris ("T-Jack") Jackson, and whether or not he can show he can be a 1st string QB in the NFL...even in the paltry NFC West. Oh, man. We'd better make some kind of showing or it's going to be a loooong season!

Ugh. Well, I'll be watching the game regardless...with my cap on my head and my son in my lap. Will it be worth watching? Will I watch till the bitter end? Yes to both! It's football for goodness sake!

I'd wish all the fans out there luck but, unfortunately, half the teams are going to lose. I can only hope y'all have fun regardless.

Go Seahawks!
: )


  1. I loved Blood Bowl. :)

    But, dude, Harbaugh vs. Carroll? In San Francisco? No way the Niners this one.

    BTW, the B/X Companion revived my interest in Moldvay/Cook.

  2. @ Anthony: Glad to hear it. I was very pleased with how the book turned out!
    : )