Sunday, August 1, 2010

Well, Now I AM Committed

Here's the ad I posted on Gary's bulletin board today:

Casey informed me she'd be adding the pertinent information to the Gary's Games' facebook page. Whether or not a week is enough time to cultivate a group actually makes no nevermind to me...since I live two blocks away, it's no sweat off my nose to walk down and check it out (Lord knows I'm down there every day of the week anyway).

Actually, a guy asked me about the flier while I was still in the shop this afternoon. A nice enough dude named Chris, he told me he was interested but unfortunately ran a 4th edition game on Sundays at the same time and he didn't want to let his players down. Which is understandable, after does he know I won't turn out to be a giant flake-and-a-half? Still, he did say his group didn't meet EVERY Sunday, and IF he was available, he'd try to make it, which I thought was very kind of him. Hopefully, anyone who DOES show up will be cut from a similarly civil cloth.


Of course this means I better be up on my game this week. Especially if this Sunday will be a "trial run" of Dragonflight XXXI. Blogging may be light this week, folks (or heavy if I do my usual procrastination/time-waster-thing).


  1. I hope that you get some awesome players, and that a fun game emerges. I particularly like the Pay/Death scale on the poster, and might steal that for a game I run in my neck o' the woods if you wouldn't mind.

  2. Best of luck wrangling those players, JB!

  3. Nice. Good luck with the game. Let us know how it goes.

  4. Awesome flyer!

    If I ever get my act together, I may use that as inspiration for a flyer I'd use to get players to show.

  5. Ah, ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH! From one old gamer trying to get back into the hobby to another, I wish you best of luck, and happy gaming as usual! FIGHT ON!

  6. Nice Flyer. I would do this if we actually had a game store in the area. However.. That box makes me sad I lost my basic set in multiple moves :/

  7. Looks pretty righteous! One nit-picky typo: imminent for immanent.

    Jolly good.

  8. “Here there be adventure!”



    ...or perhaps...


    Perfect for the blank spots on the players’ campaign map.