Friday, August 27, 2010

B/X Companion Table of Contents

As I prepare to make another run to the post office, I am reminded that I've received a couple emails/comments asking for the Table of Contents to be posted to the blog. Here, for your interest, is the inside front cover of the B/X Companion:

Why-o-why, JB, do you bother to list Charisma modifiers? For easy reference...Charisma is vitally important to a number of systems in the B/X Companion, including running dominions and leading troops into battle. And the specialist hirelings? Again, ease of reference (though you'll need one of the earlier rule sets to see their descriptions). The NEW specialist hirelings are all found in Part 4, pages C21-C22.

All right, I DO have to make my post run, so I can get back to writing Land of Ash...I may have spent too much time eating breakfast this morning. Feel free to keep those orders coming...I will try to make another mail run this afternoon, and I will definitely do one tomorrow (Saturday) morning as well.
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  1. Well, this is interesting. It seems you revisited the Adventuring and Combat rules in B/X. Aside from the low level class XP tables and spells, it seems we can run things very well by just using your B/X Companion. Is there anything else that we actually need from the original B/X?

  2. @ Icarus: You WILL need earlier books. I touch briefly on the subject but do not go into depth. If you are pretty much completely familiar with the earlier B/X books (as I am) than you won't need anything more for reference than my book, unless you ned to look up a specific monster, spell, or magic item from B/X.