Friday, June 11, 2010

Congrats... both South Africa and Mexico on a great opening game for the World Cup. It would have been sad to see either team lose (especially after that blown call by the Uzbekistan ref). I can take a tie.

All right; two hours till the next game (France and Uruguay)...time to get some blogging in. For anyone who's curious, I've been up since 5:20am. No, I don't sleep much.


  1. Are you talking about the disallowed Mexico goal? It was offside, although apparently it's a clause in the rule of which many are not aware.

  2. I was talking about the disallowed goal...perhaps I'm just "too American" and don't understand these fancy soccer rules, but it sure looked like there was a South African in the goal box.

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  4. No, it's an unusual reading of the rules, and lots of people, including here, missed it. This from the Guardian's minute-by-minute text commentary:

    A surprising number of you have asked me to explain how the Mexican scorer could have been offside given that there was a South African defender on the line. The reaosn is simple: the offside law states that there must be two players between the attacker and the goal-line - usually the goalkeeper is one, but on this occassion Khune had gone on an impromptu safari, leaving just one defender and rendering the attacker offside.

    Clear as mud. ;)