Saturday, May 8, 2010

So I Neglected to Mention...

...that the B/X Companion is now...except for the cover...complete. Formatted, finalized, and more than anything else, FULL. Stuffed to the gills really. With good stuff and several nice illustrations. The "last call" for artwork thing helped bring the cows home (so to speak) and everything is as cool as I could make it. Now, all I need is the cover (currently in process) and the thing will be ready for the printer.

That's my hope anyway.

I actually ended up with MORE art than I was totally able to use. But I am quite satisfied with the end result. I am excited to roll the thing out.

And speaking of rolling, the reason I've been so neglectful the last couple days is I've been spending time with a new bicycling hobby. No, not my idea really. The wife is biking to work this month, and we had to get her a new cycle, and then she wanted me to go riding with her (and our biking friends), which meant dusting off my 20+ year old Nishiki Olympic (yes, I never throw anything out from my childhood) and trying to get it in shape to ride. Unfortunately, after putting a $80-90 into a new pump, blinking reflectors, and helmet (not to mention several man hours taking off parts, adjusting 'em and putting 'em back, I do NOT just love to tinker!) I got up this morning to find the back tire flat as a pancake...and me without a spare tube or patch kit.

So I went on a 20 mile ride today (give or take) using 2-3 different bikes (long story, had to keep switching with others 'cause I don't know how to use these fancy shifters and "hybrid" bikes). The good news is: my back doesn't hurt anymore! The bad news is: my ass does!

Well, it was a sunny day.

I got a couple interesting posts planned (or rather, I did) but I probably won't get to 'em to Monday. Tomorrow's Mother's Day in the U.S. and my mom is coming over to my house, where we (including my brother) will be cooking and entertaining. Picked up a couple new board games, and we've got all the fixings for gin martinis, so I'm expecting a good time.

Hope y'all have good ones as well. Cheers!


  1. As a man who's been bicycle-commuting for a year and half now, I feel your pain.

  2. Awesome. Looking forward to it!