Thursday, March 18, 2010

Internet Problems

I've had some difficulties logging onto the computer at home the last three days or so, but that appears to be fixed now. 'Course I'm on my way to work this morning (just up feeding the beagles at the crack of dark), so I don't have much time to post right now.

I'm still finishing up my reading of the One Page Dungeon Contest entries, but I'm nearly done, and should have my picks to the other judges by the end of the week. Meanwhile, getting back on-line allowed me to check my blog email and I found a number of good drawings waiting to be stuffed into my book (yay!). Still waiting for someone to send me a good illustration of a two-headed troll, though.
; )

By the way, Happy St. Patrick's to everyone...I'm sure that many Irish Catholics (like myself) spent no more time drinking than the other 364 days of the year, but I hope everyone was safe. For me, it's also the celebration of my original "first date" with my wife (we met March 15th, and I asked her out the next day), and we had a nice evening...she wanted to watch Battlestar Galactica DVDs and eat corn beef and cabbage which is all good with me!
: )

All right, off to work...


  1. No disrepect intended, but the 'LABELS' line struck me as funny:


    Was it Artwork about an Irish Wife Contest?
    Was it a Contest about Irish Artwork that your Wife participated in?
    Did you win your Irish Wife in an Artwork Contest?
    Was it an Irish Contest you attended with your Wife and won some Artwork?

    IT just seemed like such a 'story provoking' line of words...

  2. I'll be the first to admit I probably do NOT use labels as efficiently as I could.

    My wife is NOT Irish, by the way...though she REALLY likes the traditional fare, and considers them kindred spirits...
    : )

  3. I didn't mean to imply that the labels were clumsy (I hate the damned things myself...), they just stood out, all capitalized. Like flash cards for a screenwriter.

    Each of the words is so simple, and yet having them listed out like that really seemed to make them appear cryptic.

    I've been reading too many RPG blogs, I think.