Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Art Beggary - What I Need

I know I said I'd get this list out last night...sorry for the delay. Here's the space I'm still looking to fill in my B/X Companion:

Chapter 0: Need a cover leaf for the first page. Ideally this would be a large, landscape layout illustration showing a group of high level adventurers either kicking ass or getting ready to kick some ass (think of the Willingham art in the Basic and Expert sets). As for, "what do high level adventurers look like?" ...use your imagination! Outrageous-ness is fine, but it should still be a serious composition, not humorous. Because of the importance of this piece, the illustrator will receive a free copy of the B/X Companion when finished.

Chapter 2: Characters. Need one illustration of any single or pair of characters (though it should be one of the human classes). "Decorative pieces" for illuminating the tables in this section would also be cool.

Chapter 3: Spells. Need some "wizard in action" shots. Room for three pieces OR one plus one half-page (landscape layout) piece. See below for some possibilities.

Chapter 5: Encounters. Just need one piece, ideally of a piece of siege equipment (a catapult or trebuchet for example).

Chapter 6: Monsters. Room for three or four pieces. Two can be combined into one half-page, landscape monstrosity but it better be a good one (perhaps incorporating multiple monsters, fighting each other or player characters). See below for example critters.

Chapter 7: Treasure. Room for two pieces or one large piece (but it would have to be a high level treasure trove, not just a few scraps being argued around a table!). Could also use a couple decorative "border pieces" to fill out the tables...a sword or two, a bag pouring a stream of coins and/or gemstones, etc.

Chapter 8: DM Section: Space for three pieces OR one plus one large. Ideas for possible composition provided below.

Chapter 9: Special Adventures. Only room for one small piece. Could be a weird, alien landscape (the moon's surface with binary suns) or a picture of a mage sitting lotus and projecting his astral form or something similar.

ANYONE THAT PROVIDES ME WITH AT LEAST FOUR USEABLE ILLUSTRATIONS WILL RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY COPY OF THE GAME WHEN PUBLISHED. This also applies to those artists that have already provided at least four guys know who you are (and thank you so much for your hard work!). All images need to be original artwork, need to be black & white and need to be scanned into the computer. You can email me at my contact address.

Some ideas/examples for chapters 3, 6, and 8:

Chapter 3 (Spells)
- a wizard summoning an efreet from a cloud of smoke (lots of tusk)
- a cleric speaking a holy word, blasting opponents to powder
- a mage commanding a dancing sword
- two wizards dueling (with one obviously getting the better of the other)

Chapter 6 (Monsters)
- a two-headed troll
- a tribe of lurking yeti
- a quizzical sphinx
- a dark and bundled black night atop a fiery steed
- an incubus
- a shedu (partial or full image)
- a fierce nightmare (the equine variety)...partial profile or on-rushing shot

Chapter 8 (DM Section)
- an angry mob of outraged peasants
- a master thief revealing himself from behind his disguise
- wizard at the bow of a flying ship
- a swashbuckling warrior wielding two weapons
- an open chest, glittering with treasure
- a dwarf fingering a pretty axe

All right, that's enough ideas for now, though I'm happy to provide more to interested parties. Just contact me at my email address if you have any questions:

bxblackrazor AT gmail DOT com

If anyone is interested in taking a shot at the cover please contact me...for a color cover I'm willing to talk actual money changing hands, but my resources are extremely limited (hence the March begging).

OH, and one last item. If ANYONE is interested in doing artwork for the adventure module, I could sure use some for that as well. I have half-a-dozen new monsters that wouldn't mind being illustrated and then GOBLINS GOBLINS GOBLINS. What a goblin actually looks like, I leave to individual interpretation (hobgoblins = militant goblins; bugbears = large goblins; etc.). Anyone with a penchant for goblins or a goblin doodling fetish is encouraged to submit stuff...including goblins dressed for arctic conditions. If you're interested in illustrating the new monsters, email me.

Thanks in advance, folks.


  1. The following appeared in old issues of Fight On! -- I'd have to check how long ago that was.

    I think this one didn't appear in Fight On! but I'm no longer sure:

  2. Also, consider asking people on Elfwood, Deviantart, or other online art-comunities?

  3. @ Alex: Are you offering your own contributions? Or just some suggested ideas?

  4. If you like the black and white pieces, feel free to use them for the Companion.

  5. @ JB - I sent you a bunch of stuff, I hope you like it.

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