Monday, March 1, 2010

1PDC Entries

Welp, there are a ton of One Page Dungeon Contest entries to review this (week? month? not sure what the deadline is) and much as I cringe at the thought of the extra reading, I am totally intrigued to see what y'all came up with.

I love judging stuff (in case you couldn't tell!) but generally I prefer judging food items. At work, I have been known to come up with creative haiku for all entries into our annual bake sales and chili cook-offs, but with 60+ dungeons in the mix don't expect that kind of creative energy out of me with this project.

Good luck to everyone...I can only hope the winners enjoy their prizes (and the rest of you enjoyed our personal creative out-pourings!)!
: )


  1. Have fun with the judging! We're announcing our winners this week.

    My wife recently ran a cooking contest on her blog, so I got to see all those entries coming in, which was really fun as well. :)

  2. Oh, man...I started reading the entries last night (got through 12 or 13) and wow, great great stuff from everyone.

    I think I've mentioned before that I watch Top Chef and Project Runway on occasion. Not being a fan of reality or gameshows, the reason has to do with watching the sheer amount of creativity brought to the (literal) table by the contestants on these shows. The 1PDC is like that...a big, heaping bottle of imagination and cool design!
    : )