Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stuffing JPEGs

Threw the first few jpegs into the B/X Companion last night and man, it was easier than getting the headers right. The latest version of Word ensures these things fit like a glove (or are easily adjusted size-wise), and O Boy they look great!

Those folks who have artwork to contribute, please keep 'em coming! A few of you asked for specific ideas/compositions and if you do NOT think you're going to be able to get to 'em, please let me know so I can pass them on to others! That being said, you've still got plenty of time to submit art, though I'd like everything no later than the end of February. HOWEVER, as you finish stuff, please get pieces emailed to me so I can work on the lay-out/contents/index! Remember, these don't have to be gargantuan masterpieces, they are "illumination" for the text.

And they sure do illuminate!

I tossed and turned all night and finally woke up at 3am this morning, lying awake in bed till the alarm went off. I don't know what the hell was going on (unless the Advil I took last night had caffeine in it or something), but all I could think about were ideas for the module. I got two of the four-five maps drawn for it and the lay-out/design for the biggie site last night so there's definite progress being made on that account (the good Doctor wants me to get my sketches mailed to him this week, too...he's as anxious to start as me!), and hopefully I'll be able to get everything laid down now that I've got the dimensions.

I should probably note here and now that GQ1 is NOT intended to be a high-level "dungeon crawl." While the maps are somewhat important (and I'd say "expected"), the adventure is designed to show off the Companion and a bit of what "Companion Level play" is all about. At least, that's MY objective...we'll see if I can deliver the goods! All my recent posts on modules and module design/expectations are being taken into account, by the way.
; )

OH...last note (gotta' head off to work!): went out to brunch with my wife and non-gamer friends yesterday (happy MLK Jr. day, folks!) and THEY (our friends) wanted to know all about the Companion's progress, how's it going, the latest updates, etc. Their excitement was hugely encouraging, in fact Katie has been inspired by MY efforts to write a book herself (though not an RPG). Which is very cool.

See? Spreading the joy all around! Have a great day/week, people!
: )

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  1. My wife wrote a book last fall. That inspired me to want to write one this year! :)