Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting Up 2010

All right…now it’s really time to start the New Year, which for me means get back into the habit o regular posts. My holiday season was absolutely KER-razy busy (as I’m sure is the case with a lot o folks), but now my wife and I are settling back to our old routines…and blogging is a happy habit for yours truly.

Now of course I DID manage to find some time for writing/posting the last week of December, but rather than blogging I used it to finish up my B/X Companion something with which I am absolutely thrilled over. Thing is, I’ve been working on half-a-dozen or so RPG designs over the last several years (for fun, mind you…I’m not a part of “the industry”), but this is the first project I’ve ever completed.

Perhaps that seems like little to some of you folks, but for me it’s frankly amazing. And I think the reason I was able to finish this project (as opposed to the many others) is two-fold:

a) a passionate love of B/X Dungeons & Dragons, re-kindled by you Old School gamers that have taken the time to start up your own blogs (I find you all so inspiring)

b) the support and encouragement of the folks that actually READ my blog…I can’t stress enough the impact that even three or four comments can have on a guy’s psyche/ego, giving me that “push” over the top

In other words, I owe my success to YOU folks. And this book is getting published (eventually) for YOU folks. And though I certainly intend to charge you all, rather than make it a free download, I have ulterior reasons for doing so.

Before I get to THOSE (probably in a separate post), let me just reference a fairly good film I watched over the weekend: Julie and Julia. For me, the “fairly good part” was the stuff with Meryl Streep; I would have enjoyed the film more (perhaps) if it had simply been a biography of Julia Child. As it was, it’s still worth the watch.

However, as a blogger myself, I found the other half of the movie interesting and pertinent (if not as engaging, story-wise). Here’s this girl in a cubicle job that finds something passionate to blog about and actually accomplishes some concrete goals in the process…in addition to getting back to her writing roots.

Let me tell you folks, I can certainly relate to the subject matter. I don’t kid myself that MY blog is any high form of art…or even anything more than ramblings and meanderings on a subject I heartily enjoy. But it sure is nice to connect to like-minded individuals…and damn, I really did need an outlet for creative expression, even if only a blog form! So again, thanks for reading. I hope that I can continue in 2010 and continue to entertain folks and provide decent content for perusal.

Happy New Year indeed.

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