Sunday, January 17, 2010

Non-RPG Post

Congrats to the Vikes and Jets. I'd just like to say "called it" on both.
: )

[down the line: Colts versus Vikes in Superbowl in what could be the most legendary quarterback meeting of all idea how it will end up, but I've already got bets set on Favre. Minnesota is simply more complete on when PRINCE shows up to your game? You're kidding me! You gotta' love the Vikings]

Plus...I've already blogged extensively of my Norseman fetish, all apologies to the Black & Gold Who Dat nation...


  1. Ah, but the Vikings are always going to the Superbowl and coming away with nothing. Will this be their time?

    (Note, I am British and know little about the game, but my wife is Minnesotan, so I picked up some things.)

  2. For whatever reason, we get a lot of Minnesotan transplants out in the Pac Northwest, several of whom are friends of mine. But I'll admit, I just like Favre. Well, and vikings in general (not necessarily purple ones). Oh...and Prince.

    My understanding is the Vikes have been to the Superbowl four times, losing every time, a feat only matched by the Buffalo Bills (though the Bills did it four years in a row). However, the last time Minnesota was in a Superbowl was the early 70's, I before Seattle had a NFL franchise (or possibly before D&D was first published). It's a new era, in other words.'s going to end up an interesting match regardless. The Colts are no Chargers team (i.e. "over-rated") and they'll blow out the Jets unless some disaster strikes (like Manning suffering a coronary). Which means whoever ends up in the Big Dance at the end, we're going to see some of the two of the best offenses of the season going head-to-head (regardless of whether it's the Saints or Minnesota)...which I find pretty exciting.
    : )

  3. One of my best friends growing up was from Minnesota, and as such, was a huge Vikings fan. I became a fan through association. That and my electric football game had only two teams included, Steelers and Vikings.

    I've liked the Vikings since.

    I'd love to see the Vikings go to the Super's high time. Indy and Minnesota, what a shootout that would be. The "General" and the "Gunslinger" go head-to-head.

    While I think that Colts have an amazing team, I'd like to hope that Minnesota could FINALLY make the big time and take home the trophy. Either way, it'll be a game for the ages.