Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So...A Couple Problems...

Problema #1: I am nearly out of gin.

In recent years, martinis have been a big part of my holiday tradition...pretty much from Thanksgiving till New Year. I picked up a fifth of Bombay Saphire in November and even though I've been going easy (at least, between holiday parties) the "end is near." I'm going to have to pick up some more soon and the nearest liquor store is too far away to walk (at least not in the weather we've been having lately...brrrr!), unlike my local grocer (who's across the street). Ugh! I've been spoiled by being able to walk everywhere in my neighborhood!

Problema #2: Too much treasure.

Today I decided it was time to finish up another chapter in my B/X Companion...this time Part 7: Treasure. I've actually had most of it written for months now, though I have added a bit here and a bit there based on some recent fantasy reading. However, I had yet to throw in the treasure charts and (even more importantly) the magic item tables...partly because I wasn't sure how to fit it into my document (MS Word on a Mac laptop can be tricky...don't get me started), partly because I hadn't finished figuring out the percentages for individual items.

Having finally completely that last bit, I struggled to squish charts into the chapter...and found that the I've got about 4 pages worth of magic item charts...that's 5 pages with the standard treasure type charts. Holy crap!

I don't know what to do here...I only budgeted 2 or 2.5 the item descriptions themselves only take 2 or 3 times that space. Of course, the charts contain almost all the items from the Basic and Expert set (with some exceptions...I consolidated some items like ALL the rings of wishes, for example)...but I wasn't even including the scroll chart (since it is unchanged from the standard editions).

Ugh. I suppose I could really minimize the font size and go crazy with the margins (crazier than I already am...half inch on the sides? Sheesh!) but I'm still doubting I can fit it in under 3 pages. Art is going to have to be cut from the chapter, is all I can figure.

Double ugh. I guess I just threw in too many groovy items. Looking at the tables in the Expert set again, I find myself thinking "Pat is right...B/X is just about perfect. Who am I to want more?" On the other hand, Mentzer's Companion set used even smaller type (and more convoluted tables) and came in at 5 pages, too (and I think I've got a way cooler selection of gear, even if I don't have +5/+8 against constructs weapons and stuff).

Triple ugh! I don't want to over-think this! It isn't going to be perfect! I just have to make it work enough! Stop second-guessing yourself JB!

Okay, okay..I've got to run to the grocery store now. I may need to work on a different chapter tonight. Later, folks.


  1. Ya' know, I think problema #1 may have led to problema #2 (or at least the gin did). WIth a little clearer thinking this morning I had a bit of an epiphany: TURN THE PAGE SIDEWAYS, JACKASS. So I'll be trying that later today.

    I'll pick up gin tomorrow while I'm out running errands.
    : )

  2. Hendrick's Gin is very tasty. This project sounds awesome, I can't wait to see how it works out!