Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can't Believe I Missed This...

...but then again, I have been busy lately.

Over at Sham's he's posted an excellent new tool for DM's like myself who are high on inspiration and low in the map-making skills. I'm so glad I got a second chance to notice it with Mr. Armstrong's link. Yet another justification for doubling up on the old school blog links.

I don't have time to discuss more right now (gotta' run some errands), but I'll be posting more on "w/o WALLS" later. Why? 'Cause the thing is near perfect for my personal D&D needs and can be adapted in all sorts of practical ways, specifically regarding adventure creation, not just "dungeon" creation.

Also, the Ace/trump thing? Awesome. Ya' basically just included a metagame mechanic that can be used to give narrative power back to players in a limited/controlled fashion. That shit is delicious!

Okay, okay, I really have to go. Ugh! Why are weekends so darn short?!

Later, gators!
: )

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