Sunday, December 20, 2009

Full House

The bulk of our guests finished arriving Friday night, which you might have guessed from my lack of posting. Just taking a few minutes before heading out to the Seahawks game to tappity-tap a few words.

Appears I've fixed the comment seems to have been a problem with my email filters, not Blogger. Hopefully won't be a worry in the future.

Everyone appears to have slowed down somewhat in their blogging...which only makes sense given it's the last shopping weekend before Christmas and many of y'all are roughly the same slacker age as myself.

Anyhoo, with the in-laws in town, expect little from me till the 30th or so. My free time will be spent...well, I don't really have any free time! But if I DO have a chance to get to the computer in the next few, it will be to work on my B/X Companion OR to check out the various art web sites folks posted to the blog...that's the next big hurdle folks.

Have a great holdiday season! I really wish nothing but the best for all of you! And that includes all the folks I've slighted, singled-out, or otherwise bitched about on this blog and others! I could wax philosophical for pages and pages about the application of Christmas Spirit to the healing of rifts and differences between people of all stripes and such...but you guys & gals no the drill.
: )

Prost! Go Seahawks! And if you get snowed in, enjoy it!


  1. Enjoy the good times with friends and family, JB. Thanks as ever for all the work that you put into your blog.

  2. Damn it Seahawks! The Bucs?! C'mon!
    : (

    @ Mark: You're welcome man. Wow...more than 320 posts, I guess I HAVE put in some work this year (at least on my blog). Maybe Santa will put a nice little somethin'-somethin' in Ye Olde Stocking.
    : )

  3. @JB how would I go about sending you a file? I have a PDF of an old basic module you were looking for. I can be reached at jj dot lanza2112 at gmail dot com.