Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shambling Mound Haiku

Ken over at The Rusty Battleaxe, has an amazing string of haiku posted, most concerning individual monsters of AD&D (1st edition as far as I can tell).  I love haiku, I don't know why. I love it a lot more than the Japanese language, and I studied THAT for three years (and went to Japan! But don't tell Noisms, 'cause he might try to test me and that was nearly 20 years ago!).

ANYway, haiku. So wonderfully simplistic. So disciplined in forcing one to condense thought. So much easier to remember than iambic pentameter.  Ken is a brilliant man, as well as quite entertaining. In a total rip-off/homage (in Ken's style) I would like to formulate my own monstrous haiku to a monster that just doesn't get enough love (in my opinion): the Shambling Mound.  Without further ado:

One two fists hit
Smothered muffled screaming death
Don't use lightning bolt!

Doitashimashte!  I'll be here all week!
: )