Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Chronicle of Mutation

In a decidedly inspired fit of creativity, I created my second one-page micro-game today (my first being the “Weird Western” micro- Clockwork, for those who missed it).

The new one is called A Chronicle of Mutation and is available for download here.

Heavily based on the setting of the old Heartbreaker game The Mutant Chronicles (duh!), the rules are a fairly radical departure from the original. It’s also greatly reduced in scope, something that I see as a decided plus (if I do say so myself). The earlier RPG suffered a bit from the over-whelming options: if one person wanted to play an Imperial Blood Beret, one person an inquisitorial assassin, and a 3rd a Mishima corporate samurai in giant robo battle gear, and the last one as a freelancer journalist…well crap, how are you supposed to GM THAT type of freakshow? My micro-version tunes it down to the simple freelancer level, though with a twist: you’re nominally associated with the Holy Inquisition (my version of the Cathedral) and thus have a definite type of objective (sniffing out heretics) for missions/adventures.

All-in-all, I’m quite pleased. As with Clockwork, any comments, suggestions, and feedback are truly appreciated.