Wednesday, September 23, 2009

" why don't he write?"

Somehow, I have a feeling I'm going to be posting that subject line a lot the next couple weeks.

My wife and I are going to be watching our nephews, Z and S, for 10 days while their parents are traveling in Spain. Great fun, to be sure. We'll be going to see the Seahawks Sunday (of course), and between 'lil guy football, school, and homework, I'm almost certain we'll be playing a little D&D, too (when we went to their house for dinner last week, S. was clamoring to play more...he is the Dr. Doolittle I wrote about last month, if you don't recall.

Play reports should soon follow, of course.

Meanwhile, what have I been up to? Not a lot, I'm afraid. Work the last couple days. Oh...and socializing...lots of that (just out with friends tonight actually...).

But writing-wise I'm mainly up to my new module...a little "B/X thang" for levels 7-10, I'm guessing. Problem is, I keep wanting to use monsters from me B/X fact, certain ones are figuring to feature prominent-like. Should I try to get the Companion out first? Or simply throw in a little appendix o new monsters (a la the old TSR modules)?

[side note: I would REALLY love...I cannot stress enough! release my B/X Companion with an accompanying module in the style of Moldvay/B2 or Cook/X1. But what should I use as the letter code? C1 is (obviously) Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, and CM1 is some module for the Mentzer Companion set. I don't know, but whatever it is, I hope it will showcase my Companion stuff the same way X1 and B2 showcase their respective rule sets]

Anyhoo, I'm busy stocking my little adventure, while the good Doctor devises some (hopefully) fiendish maps for me. I should probably hit up Dyson for some of this action, though I'm not sure how ethical it is to contribute to his problem. Ah, well....

Speaking of Dr. Love...just got his package today containing a plethora of music to upload to my IPod, including:

- Number of the Beast
- PowerSlave
- Piece of Mind
- Shout at the Devil
- Girls, Girls, Girls
- Dr. Feelgood
- Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath featuring Dio!)
- Led Zeppelin III (completing the collection)
- Metal Health
- Tyranny of Souls (a B.D. solo album)
- War of Words (Halford's Fight album, inexplicably in a Rush CD case for some reason??)

[I should note I already own most of these albums on cassette tape...which, of course, can't be uploaded. Talk about "old school!"]

With this much Metal pouring out of my ears, how can I not have the gumption to complete my writing projects? Lord give me ROCK!

Catch you folks on the B-side...
: )


  1. Publish both at the same time and call the module JB1!

  2. Ya' know, I thought about using "JB" as a designation, but it just seemed a little arrogant.

    Though, of course it seems a bit arrogant to try publishing a B/X Companion, too...
    ; )

  3. I don't think it's very arrogant. Sure they didn't use the author's initials in the module code, but they had control over which codes would be applied. You want to use a code that nobody else will use. JB1 would do that.

    And if others did the same scheme, it would be easy to determine who wrote what. It becomes problematic when two authors work on a module. I see no reason why they would need to. But if they did, they could come up with their own solution.

  4. @D30: Good stuff...I wasn't thinking of it in that perspective.

    I will strongly consider starting a JB1 series!