Friday, December 10, 2021

Retraction (NOT Trash)

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this, because I have a different post planned for later today.

Jamal Adams, the football player, is NOT "trash."

He's been a frustrating player to watch in a frustrating football season for my frustrating home team. Most parts of the team have turned in terrible performances this year, none more so than our quarterback, a beloved Superbowl champ who'll probably be going into the Hall of Fame some day with a Seahawks hat.

[man, Wilson's been awful]

Adams is a talented player. He's also a leader for the team whose teammates speak highly of him. He's a pro who works on his craft...he'd been staying late, working on his ball handling skills, and it was showing up in the last few weeks with a pair of interceptions. 

Sorry, dude.
He hasn't been used in a method that plays to his strengths. But unfortunately, his strengths as a talented player are not the things the Seahawks need from a player at his position. Trading for Adams, masking his deficiencies with the scheming that allowed him to set a sack record last year, giving him a huge contract...these things were poor moves by the team. Trash moves. But that's on the coaching staff and GM, not the player.

In Blood Bowl if you try to play bashy with elves or pass-happy with orks and you get soundly beat...that's on the coach. You don't blame the dwarf troll slayer for being poor in pass coverage. You have to use your team the way that's most effective and hopefully the dice gods will favor you.

My apologies for blaming the player in my last rant. 

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