Thursday, December 16, 2021

First World Problems

Sorry I haven't gotten back to the blog recently; just had a lot of shit to deal with this week.

And, no, it's not trying to track down that "hard-to-find-must-have-Christmas-gift" (although there is one of those that's also been weighing on the brain...natch for this time of year). No, it's BS with my kids' school and...oh, jeez, I don't even want to get into it.  Suffice is to say, it might just force us to pull our kids and put them in a different (Catholic) school after being part of the community for six years.

Boo-hoo, I know. Private school problems, amiright?


Anyway, sorry...I'm pretty emotionally and mentally shot at the moment. Been spending the brain sweat that would normally be used to blog about D&D for strongly-worded discussions with teachers and school administrators.  And our (artificial) tree isn't even decorated yet: just staring at me with its twinkle lights saying, "why must you leave me naked O master."


I'm going to walk the (one) beagle I have left. Get some fresh air while there's a break between rain storms, clear the head a bit. Try to re-center the brain a bit. Get ready for the holidays. School's off next week and while that (generally) means full time duty for Yours Truly, it also means more sleep as schedules get relaxed. Sleep is good...a very good thing.

Oh...another good thing: new batch of the B/X Companion should be available tomorrow. So anyone waiting for a copy: it should be going out in tomorrow's mail. Anything folks ordered should have got out today (or earlier).  

Okay. Time to walk the beagle. 


  1. While you sort the trouble with the children, they have ample time to decorate the tree! :D

    1. The trouble has been sorted, the tree has been decorated, and (I am happy to say) I have found that last, hard-to-find gift: I am waiting outside the shop, waiting for it to open, as I type this.
      ; )

      Ah, Christmas…where religion and consumerism meet in spectacular fashion. We were caroling at our church last night and “Santa” made an appearance. That may be the first time I’ve ever seen such a visitation. Just…weird.