Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Selling Out

I won't say it was inevitable, but it was always planned that...at some point...I would need to find a source of real income. Being the "kept man" is nice and all (and has been a solid positive as far as life experiences), but it's time to get back to earning my keep. I want a job.

Kind of. What I actually want is a source of regular income. The book sales continue (and are wonderful, thank you everyone!), but I can't turn out books nearly fast enough. Heck, it's been hard to turn out any the last couple-five years...and even so, the books I sell were always a niche market. A niche of a niche, if I'm being honest.

SO...the time has come to monetize the blog.

No ads, no pay wall. Not yet and hopefully not ever...being able to blog is, in many ways, it's own reward (as it gives me a platform for expressing myself about my weird thoughts and geeky hobbies). But the blog has to earn its keep, too. I can justify regular posting if it's bringing in some sort of revenue. If not...well, it's a luxury that has to take lower priority to other arenas of life.

You'll notice the new button on the sidebar...it says "My Patreon Page." Yes, I've created one. There's a number of tiers available...some small, some ridiculous in the extreme. I figured I may as well cast a wide net and see what kind of shekels were floating in my waters. I don't figure to get many (any?) takers, but it was fun trying to come up with suitable patron rewards.

And level titles...every old school D&Der digs on level titles.
; )

Anyway...the blog remains open to all, but please consider contributing your support. My main goal is less about making a living (off the blog) and more about getting enough money to patronize creators that I can't otherwise afford while bringing in enough cash to justify regular posting. But every bit of your encouragement and support is appreciated.  Regardless of the monetary support you can provide, know that you, my readers, are appreciated. I value you. If you value me, and have it within your means to throw a buck or two my way...well, that's juice that'll help keep me going. At present, I'm on pace to reach posting levels I haven't had since 2014; keeping that up with job searches (let alone regular employment) is going to be tricky.

Thanks for reading, folks.


  1. This is creasy, JB. I have been planning for a weeks time now to write a pissy blog entry about the patreon thing, and was, amongst a few others going to mention you as someone that actually provide contents that could justify it, while the hacks e-begging on every blog entry and pod-cast provide less value then even I, and YOU don't monetize. Guess I have to edit my mind :D

    But just so you don't get it wrong, I do think YOU provide value to played games - if nothing else then to make us think about different areas, so cool :)

    I just hope you won't rush things simply because you're being payed for the mother fucker. That's just suicide, dude.

    1. @ Janich:

      Nope. Wouldn't rush things (at least, not any more than I normally do). Getting paid to blog simply raises the blog on my list of priorities. It would also save me some grief from certain family members.
      ; )

      Yes, I am a money grubbing capitalist! Feel free to rain down your bile.

      [I'll keep posting]

    2. Can I explain something with respect, Janich. We are increasingly living in an age where technology and other factors are reducing the number of available jobs for the larger population. Our only alternative is to become self-employed, at least for a part of our income, to pay for home and food; and since we are also living in an age where brick-and-mortar options, print options, potential writing gigs, etcetera, are steadily declining, and have been severely for the last decade, there's no where else to turn except to any means that enable us to directly reach to our base of interested followers in order to help us earn a living.

      My followers on my patreon know I earn every penny they give me. I easily work so many hours that my hourly wage must be less than a dollar; but I also love what I'm doing and my supporters love it also. I can appreciate the feeling that all of this is a cash grab, but I don't know a single producer on Patreon who isn't eternally grateful and highly considerate of their patrons, to the point where we always have time to talk and will always rush forward to do a favour if we're asked.

      Please consider this in your planned rant.

    3. First, I hope you'll forgive me if I am hijacking your blog entry, Jonathan. I'll try not to overstay my welcome.

      Alexis, your reply is appreciated. I don't think I'll go off quite as much, now that the lid have been lifted – and that is good!
      I only commented on your blog a few times – as tranqueltemple, but those comments have been quite inconsequential. I've read all but the posts of this year, and you are providing contents worth something – as you well know. I'd have no complaints if you pay walled your blog, and have no doubt the class attendants get every cent worth, and then some.
      But Alexi, goodness, you know the sewer out there! I write only sort of ok stuff when I get to it – although a few upcoming posts won't be much more but self entertaining, which is fine given that I have no readers to speak of. So when people provide less, and then feel that it might be fair to charge, that rubs me the wrong way. Are they really that blind to their own inadequacy?
      It's the free marked though, and if people want to cast their pearls before swine, then so be it.
      The people providing value I have nothing against, Alexi. I might be horrible at my communication.

      And JB. I love the thought of you asking your wife to handle the kids some night because you have to work, and then sit down to write an other profile for Bloodball :D I'm not sure that WILL save you grief from the fair one in the household...

    4. Oh yes, it is a sewer. And I fully agree with you, including what the market will bear. I'm pleased that we agree that Patreon is not the evil here.

    5. Also, I put a prestige blog behind a pay wall in July.

  2. If you sign up for my Patreon right now my father will personally sign your skateboard

  3. Looking at your numbers and your tiers, I think I shall have to steal something from you.