Thursday, November 28, 2019

I, Jackass

Was just informed by a potential Patreon supporter that his contribution to my cause was denied. I assume that's due to me failing to complete the set up of my income information with the Patreon site.

Obviously I don't really want folks' money. (*sigh*)

Things should be working now. And I should be starting to post again soon...I'm leaving Veracruz this afternoon, and should be winging my way back to Seattle tomorrow. I hope everyone's having a happy Thanksgiving today...probably my All Time Favorite holiday (the food, the family, the the next day off!). Wonderful as Mexico is, they're a little short on starch and gravy combinations...which I, as a natural born Americano, sometimes crave.

Ah, well. There's a sandwich shop in my neighborhood that does a Thanksgiving-style sandwich all year long. I'll be sure to stop by in the next few days and indulge.

Cheers to everyone!
: )

The "Thanksgetting:" turkey, stuffing,
cranberries, and gravy + bacon.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, hoss!

    At Disney World, there was a turkey, bacon, white-cheese sandwich with cranberry sauce. It was great, but I didn't make the Thanksgiving connection until now.

  2. Some people are just idjits. Hope you're having a good weekend holiday weekend.

  3. JB, do you mind changing my support name to "Alexis Smolensk"?

    1. Done. Would you prefer it link to something besides your Tao blog?

      Thanks for your support.