Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Black Dougal's Revenge

While tooling through some old zip drive files the other day, I found these hastily jotted notes for a possible adventure module; the notes are from 2010, the file is titled Black Dougal's Revenge. Here's what they say:


Nearly 30 years ago a party of adventurers braved the Haunted Keep, ancient structure of Castle Wereskalot. Only three of them made it OUT, but one was left alive in the dungeon beneath of [sic] the keep...

The thief, Black Dougal, awoke from a poison needle trap to find himself lost and abandoned in the dark beneath the cellars of the Keep. Searching for a way out he only found a way DOWN, delving deeper into the bowels of the earth [sic].

Forced to rely on his own wits and resourcefulness, he avoided death time and again, even as he failed to find an exit from the dank corridors. Cursing the friends that had abandoned him, Douglas swore that he would have his revenge should he ever return to the surface.

It took him more than a year, but he did eventually find a way out.

Forever changed by the experience, Black Dougal found he could no longer stomach the contact of civilized folk. Hiding in the shadows, traveling only when unseen, Dougal tracked the whereabouts of his erstwhile companions, finding they had moved on to other adventures. And so, having no where else to go, and no more friends in the bright, submit places, Dougal turned his back on the surface world and re-entered the subterranean caverns that had become his "home." He returned to the dungeons of Wereskalot.

The only other notes are the following:

BD (19 or 22 level Thief/Greater Vamp) OR Greater Lycanthrope??? Like greater undead but shapeshifter!  Hmmmm... ???
Now residing under Wereskalot (found Grimoire, refurbished, launched attacks of vengeance)
Vamp army + wererats (or both!)

Silver Leaf (a bloody, mangled mess)
Sister Rebecca (defiled/desecrated...turned into vamp(?))
Morgan Ironwolf (afraid for her life, aged, offed quick perhaps?)
Frederick (insane, starving, imprisoned lesser vamp...berserk strength, turn resistance)

There are no other notes. As far as brainstorms go this appears nothing more than a brief Summer squall, probably typed up during a break at my old job (a lot of my writing projects started like that). Looking over it now, it seems more silly than interesting...certainly not "gripping," and I don't feel bad for not having followed up on the idea.

Which is just as well, seeing as how this is the kind of thing WotC takes a hard stance on.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd share before I throw the file in Ye Ol' Trashbin. Now it's been etched into the interwebs FOREVER...EVER...EVer...Ever....ever....
; )


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  1. No, that’s very interesting. Throw in some maps and lore handouts.