Monday, June 19, 2017

San Diego...

...feels like a wasteland.

But that's probably just a first impression. And certainly, colored by my personal biases.

Hmmm...I said "first impression" but this is actually the third (or fourth?) time I've been here. I remember the first time, when I was about twelve, and I thought (and said) that San Diego is where I wanted to live one day. It was the first city I ever considered as a permanent replacement for my beloved hometown. And (as far as I can recall) it was the last and only time I emphatically wanted to go, a place I was willing to make (mental) plans for how I would facilitate such a move.

But that was thirty plus years ago and, I suppose, I've changed a lot since I was twelve. And perhaps Seattle has changed, too, offering more of what I want and love. San Diego has nice weather, and some passable Mexican food, but I'm not a fan of the beach and I have ocean views in Seattle, too. With mountains.

Anyway, just some morning musings from my hotel room. Hope folks had a happy Father's Day yesterday.
: )


  1. Just a personal question... Have you gone to other places here in South America when you were in Paraguay? Greetings from Brazil ;)

    1. Greetings, G.B.!

      I've been to Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile (only the airport in Santiago for a couple hours), Panama, and Guatemala (which some might consider "South" America.

      In Brazil, I've only spent much time in the south, visiting the Falls at Iguazu for a couple days. But they were pretty spectacular.

    2. Well, Iguaçu (as we call in portuguese) is like The Dam in the Borderlands. So its far away from brazilian civilization.

      I just hope your trip to other parts of South America was better than your rants from Paraguay.

    3. @ G.B.:

      Ha! The truth is I didn't get to see as much of South America as I would have liked. Every country has SOMEthing to recommend it (even Paraguay), but often my posts would be spurred by something that put me in a foul disposition...hence, the rants.
      ; )

      I have a major regret that I never had a chance to visit Bolivia. Hopefully, I will get down there again, some day.

  2. Seattle is hard to beat, but I prefer the weather there over San Diego. And while it has been many years since I've been to either place, I always liked the 'vibe' in Seattle. But I would remain a Steelers fan, ha.

    1. You wouldn't be the only one in Seattle (unfortunately).

  3. Passable Mexican food? Hard to believe it's only passable. Try El Comal or for fun try the Lucha Libre Taco Shop.

    Passable? Hah! Mexico is feet away, and San Diego is home to dozens of great Mexican restaurants. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy some.