Monday, June 19, 2017

San Diego...

...feels like a wasteland.

But that's probably just a first impression. And certainly, colored by my personal biases.

Hmmm...I said "first impression" but this is actually the third (or fourth?) time I've been here. I remember the first time, when I was about twelve, and I thought (and said) that San Diego is where I wanted to live one day. It was the first city I ever considered as a permanent replacement for my beloved hometown. And (as far as I can recall) it was the last and only time I emphatically wanted to go, a place I was willing to make (mental) plans for how I would facilitate such a move.

But that was thirty plus years ago and, I suppose, I've changed a lot since I was twelve. And perhaps Seattle has changed, too, offering more of what I want and love. San Diego has nice weather, and some passable Mexican food, but I'm not a fan of the beach and I have ocean views in Seattle, too. With mountains.

Anyway, just some morning musings from my hotel room. Hope folks had a happy Father's Day yesterday.
: )


  1. Just a personal question... Have you gone to other places here in South America when you were in Paraguay? Greetings from Brazil ;)

    1. Greetings, G.B.!

      I've been to Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile (only the airport in Santiago for a couple hours), Panama, and Guatemala (which some might consider "South" America.

      In Brazil, I've only spent much time in the south, visiting the Falls at Iguazu for a couple days. But they were pretty spectacular.

  2. Seattle is hard to beat, but I prefer the weather there over San Diego. And while it has been many years since I've been to either place, I always liked the 'vibe' in Seattle. But I would remain a Steelers fan, ha.

    1. You wouldn't be the only one in Seattle (unfortunately).