Friday, October 16, 2015

Progress Report

This year, I've got more blog posts up (and more substantive ones...well, IMO) since 2012. Which makes me feel a little better about ditching the blog this week, but not much. Always the guilt about letting readers down.

*ahem* Anyway, it's been another busy one for me with a lot of child extracurricular activities to attend to and the spouse getting ready for a five day trip to Mexico. HOWever, mainly I've been putting together the latest-greatest project and I've got 20 decent pages. I've updated and incorporated a lot of updated material from earlier, shit-canned projects, which has made the process easier, but it's still going to be tricky to hold the thing down to 48 pages. Even if I keep the interior art on the same minimal scale as Señor Holmes, by my count I've only got about 24 pages left to complete the thing...and that needs to include the monster section, combat, development, and GM info. Tight...very tight.

It didn't help that I used about double the page count for the magic section. Ooo, but it's so neat! And right now I'm working on "fun stuff" (like magic items and something I call skills but which bear little resemblance to Ye Old D20), and that's looking like it'll eat up three or four more pages than the space allotted for 'em in the original game.

*sigh* But it's a good exercise...stuff has to be cut, and my pruning has actually helped make for a better looking system (why 100 skills when 60 does the job? Hell, I could probably whittle it down to 50, but I'm trying to make the system robust).

Anyhoo. Okay...just wanted to drop a quick note as to why I'm "away" from the blog. I was feeling guilty, okay? But really...this time I am working and not just futzing around.

Now, back to work.
; )

Busy, busy, busy.

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