Friday, July 3, 2015

Feliz Dia de la Independencia!

As they appear to do every year, the U.S. Embassy in Paraguay did their annual 4th of July celebration yesterday on the 3rd. My wife was able to wrangle us a couple invitations to the event, so that's where I was yestereve.

What an f'ing travesty.

As my buddy Heron recently accused me of living in a cave filled with hate, I will restrain myself from ranting...I realize that referring to Paraguay as a "hellhole" the other day was grossly unfair (considering it isn't in the midst of a civil war or systematic genocide or the invasion of a foreign power). Suffice is to say that it was little more than another "themed party" at which wealthy locals, politicos, and high-ranking military dudes could hobnob and cram their gobs. There was little actual Americana (and precious few Americans!) present. And...

And if I write anymore it will turn into a rant. The whole affair was depressing and I'm glad the drinks were free.

I will say that I find it slightly ironic that the one event I'd expect and hope to have fireworks had none, considering the fervor with which this country like to blow shit up (we had fireworks going off in our neighborhood every other night this week). *sigh*

Anyway...on a much happier note, I spent much of yesterday reading the entirety of Lowell Francis's History of Post-Apocalyptic RPGs series over at Age of Ravens. It's an excellent comparison and analysis of PA trends in gaming, especially in light of world events that have shaped our perception on what might constitute an apocalypse.  Long-time readers of this blog know my fetish with regard to PA games, settings, and fiction, so I'm hardly unbiased, but Age of Ravens has been nominated for an Ennie (though not sure why for "Best Website" and not the "Best Blog" category)'s good reading and I suggest folks check it out.

[on a related...if depressing...topic, I caught the Vice episode "Cold War 2" last night. Maybe the coming decade will see a return to the classic PA tropes associated with WW3 (a la Twilight 2000) as opposed to alien and Cthulhu armageddons]

Hope everyone in the US of A is enjoying a good, old fashioned Fourth of July weekend. Damn, I wish I could be up there right now...barbecues and beer and inner-tubing and Seafair Parades (Seattle only...sorry) and gaming, of course. July 4th weekends were always good gaming weekends for me, back in the day.


I'm going to eat a Big Mac for dinner tonight.

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