Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sofia Jeanne!

3% power. That's what my computer's got at this very moment. Fairly reflective of my energy level, too.

Need to buy candles still...shit!
Hi! It's my daughter's birthday today (she just turned one), AND it's Tuesday (a busy day of the week here in Paraguay) so I've been running around a lot, rather than blogging. Sorry about that. All sorts of new, dumbshit traffic-driving stories to tell...I've probably written this a half dozen times already (I think it most every day here), but I'll write it one more time: in my town (Seattle), there's a saying that goes like this:

If everyone on the road appears to be driving like an asshole, maybe YOU are the asshole.

This phrase needs to be modified somewhat when living in Asuncion:

If everyone on the road appears to be driving like an asshole, maybe YOU are the asshole...or maybe you're just driving in Paraguay.

I fucking kid you not. Wife got T-boned just last week (she hadn't been in a traffic accident in a couple decades). I haven't yet...but then, I've learned not to trust anyone on the road. Ever. Even you're friends. 'Cause it's the Wild West down here.

[I say that semi-literally...after all, you're sometimes sharing the road with a horse-drawn wagon]

ANYway...apologies. Not just for the negativity. I had been planning to write about skill trees, but I am currently in one of those "back to the drawing board" stages of design. I had a brainstorm (not just a squall, mind you, but a full on tormenta) related to Star Wars (of all things) and, well, I'm currently crunching numbers to see how things might work.

Friggin' bell curves.

So, today was going to be light posting anyway, but now it's looking more like "non-existent" (except for this post). Plus, I need a nap.

More in a bit (probably). OH, WAIT...for those who like contests and missed it, this guy over here is doing some sort of RPG design challenge, where you need to write a game in 200 words or less. For all you, would-be designers out there, I'd suggest taking a stab (even if you don't actually mail in a submission) as a practical attempt at streamlining concepts under constraint. I know I'll give it a shot.

After my nap.
; )


  1. First of all, happy birthday to your daughter! Second, of late I've indeed suspected that I am the asshole on the road! Though, I've reduced my old road rage habit to very low levels thanks to a lot of behavior modification (chanting mantras to myself about how it's not worth it, etc...I kid you not!). However, I still find it necessary to use the old leadfoot at times, even though I no longer accompany it with screaming and flipping the bird at people. Also, Louis CK's last HBO special really made me think about the insanity of road rage (you'd probably never get in someone's face on an elevator and say "f*ck you" but put some speeding steel and glass between you both and all bets are off!).

    Third, I have to say I miss your zodiac posts...is that very random of me?!

  2. Oh, and I hope your wife is no worse for wear! I assume she is, because you didn't mention that detail in your post!

    1. @ Anthony:

      My wife is fine. The car is mostly intact...it's actually going to the mechanic tomorrow to get the frame straightened.

      If I can think of a good zodiac post, I'll get one up for you, man.
      ; )

  3. Happy birthday to Sophia and glad to hear the wife is fine. Skill tree be damned, time to breakout a little cake.

  4. Happy B'day! And you should (not) drive in Napoli, Italia...THAT's some crazy shit! (yes, I am from Napoli.)

    1. @ Antonio:

      There ARE, of course, places I won't drive...Mexico City, for example. There are also places I'll never drive again, like Grenada (Spain). Asuncion's more like a constant stress test than a real danger to life and sanity.