Thursday, April 16, 2015

'hammer Musings

Huh. Just discovered Roger's A Life Full of Adventure blog, which is kind of crazy considering he's been around since 2008 and lists a host of shared game interests with Yours Truly, including D&D (B/X and 2E), WFRP (of the oldest variety), Blood Bowl (!), and Shadowrun.

I really need to get together with some of these guys (Steve C. and Mike Davison included) and do some sort of D&D-Warhammer mash-up. I know, I know...I've talked about this in the past and never brought anything to fruition. I'm BUSY, people! Anyway...

Huh. I can't believe I have only a single posting under the topic "Nurgle" (not counting my single post under the topic "Deathguard"). Might have to rectify that.


  1. I have old, hand-written sheets of D&D creatures I converted to Warhammer beasties.

  2. I would love to see a more fleshed out version of Small But Vicious Dog

  3. I was always a Tzeentch man myself, but Nurgle is a close and pustulent second.

  4. Nurgle fan here, my 'hammer chaos army standard slogan was Pus for the Pus God. :-)

    I did a bunch of d20 Warhammer stuff back in the early 3e era. Haven't looked at it in ages, but I recall it had some prestige classes (advanced careers) and "background" packages (starting careers) worked out for the standard classes.

    Would love to do a Warhammer/D&D mash-up at some point. I guess it's fair to say it's on my RPG bucket list! lol

    1. @ Steve C:

      I think it's on a lot of folks' bucket list.

      [I'm only a recent convert to Nurgle. My 40K army for more than a decade was dedicated Khorne]