Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Busy Weekend

But what else is new?

Holiday parties, birthday parties, shopping forays, and (of course) football...all the usual distractions that make getting things done (from a blogger's perspective) such a chore.

And (also as usual) it ain't over yet: my day off means spending quality time with my boy (now napping) and then chores around the house, etc. I will also be attending tonight's Monday Night Football extravaganza between the Seahawks and the Rams (which promises to be a cold, cold evening...especially for St. Louis fans) followed by a loooong bus ride home. So expect the "regular blogging" to commence manana (assuming I get a bit o sleep tonight with my teething infant).

I will say I had a chance to read up the entire blog of How Not to Run a Game Business (thanks to Greyhawk Grognard for pointing me to this site) and its overflowing negativity towards amateur designer/publisher monkeys like myself. I know I've seen similar blogs (or blog posts) in the last couple years discussing how terribly terrible it is for OSR folks (or proponents of the pen-and-paper RPG industry) to continue to cling to the past when the future is so obviously video games or social media-network games or WotC 4E style box sets...and, well, I'm sorry, sometimes I do feel like a dinosaur with my interest in this kind of stuff. But then I sometimes feel like a dinosaur for reading books instead of Kindles (or whatever) or listening to music that doesn't include sampling from past musicians who made music (instead of sampling). Hell, I've accepted I'm an anachronism, and I fully intend to instill the same weird, anachronistic values in my offspring. Hopefully he won't be laughed at too much by his Call of Duty-playing buddies in school.

Besides as Casey down at Gary's pointed out to me, if it wasn't for "amateur independent designers" we'd be missing a lot of cool RPGs that currently stock the shelves of the game store.

[though I suppose brick-and-mortar stores are an anachronism, too]

Anyway, enough weepiness from moi...I've got some things to do before the hijo wakes up. Cheers!

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  1. If it weren't for amateur game design, we wouldn't have Dungeons and Dragons. Thanks Dave.