Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maps Ready

So, I've got a tasty little multi-level dungeon ready to go for Thursday. No, I didn't bother ripping off any one else...made my own maps.

Once again, Moldvay and B/X really came through for me. Using the great Laws of Three (or D6, rather), I was able to get the proper proportions of monsters, traps, specials, and empties all working together. After I figured out how many total encounters I wanted (again, using factors of 3), I was able to figure out how many areas had treasure (one-third in case you're wondering) and then place everything in a logical fashion based on rooms and what they're for.

The maps frigging draw themselves.

As for treasure, I went a bit off book...well, I went a bit "off book" with everything else, too, so whatever. Depending on how the party does, there should be enough XP and loot to level them a couple times over multiple sessions. Unless they all die, of course.

We'll just have to see...hopefully, they won't be dying in any more 10' wide corridors (I've limited the opportunities in that regard). Doo-dee-doo...

More later, for shizzle...
; )


  1. So they will be dying in 5' wide corridors instead? 8^D

  2. Looking forward to seeing your maps, man!