Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas the Day After Christmas...

...and the wife and I are sacked out on the couch watching the Seahawks game and vegging.

Got my brother a copy of Labyrinth Lord and his own dice (for our Thursday night games). He returned the favor with a copy of Stratego: Star Wars Saga Edition.

I've always loved a kid it was one of those board games my family never owned, but which I played at every opportunity. It's a quirky little game, that has a poker-like quality to it (reading your opponent) and has the wonderful military command structure that has fascinated me for many years.

[military ranks, chain of command...I've always loved these things. The way a huge, chaotic fighting force could be managed by a simple paradigm of order and communication. I have often thought I would enjoy being a peg in the military machine...if I didn't have such a huge aversion to killing real human beings]

And, of course, Star Wars...goes without saying I'm a fan (especially the weird optional rules that allow one to model the betrayal/conversion of Anakin Skywalker...I look forward to trying it out).

Yesterday, I was at Christmas Mass, thinking mostly about "churchy things," but I had some interesting (to me) thoughts about religion and RPGs. I want to develop my thoughts a little bit before posting anything about 'em. And right now, I'm a bit distracted by the 'Hawks game.

I do think there are some interesting things there to discuss, though.

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend...I'll post more this week (including more on Boot Hill), but probably not today.


  1. Sounds good.

    For my part, I'm receiving a copy of B/X Companion from my parents. :-)

    I look forward to your thoughts about religion; I'm continuing to try and develop my campaign's theology.

  2. You and your wife sound like our kind of people. Tim and I sack out on the couch, too. It's so nice.

    Have a great week. Hope it's filled with fun games and good food. Happy New Year, JB.


  3. @ Jayson: Cool...I hope you like it (and your parents have pretty good taste in gifts, IMO)!

    @ Whisk: Thank you for the well wishes. Likewise to you and yours!
    : )