Monday, December 27, 2010

Phantom Menace = D&D 4th Edition

One of my Thursday night players recently posted a comparison between Star Wars Episode I and 4th Edition D&D on their company blog. It's fairly funny, even if I have found myself with kinder thoughts for the prequel Star Wars films of late.

You'll notice that he mentions dying a lot in my games. Jeez, never whine like that to my face!
; )

Sorry, for the lack of posts today...I say, "sorry" because I did have time to post and have just been lazy. Well, kind of...I've been doing research today on my space opera game, mainly attempting to figure out how I'm going to do starship combat. I know what I WANT it to be like, but I just need to figure out how to do it...I've been looking at a variety of different game systems (including the old WEG Star Warriors, SW Miniature Battles, board games, and existing RPGs), and, of course, the starship "fight scenes" in the various Star Wars movies. The end result? I'm going to have to knock-off my own rules, I'm afraid.

I also spent a bit of time checking out Mr. Maliszewski's Thousand Suns RPG today, down at Gary's. Is anyone playing this game right now? Just curious on what folks think of it.

All right; hopefully I'll have a more substantive post tomorrow. Hope people weren't too grumpy to be back at work today. Hey, New Year's is just around the corner!
: )


  1. Starship combat? Full Thrust and let the stats and initiative and fighter movement and threshold checks be influenced by player stats, somehow. Ok, that would not make it too fast on the table... but a lot of fun.
    It's probably a stupid idea... but if I were to run a sci fi setting... hmmmm...

  2. I encountered that parallel too recently! (4e = prequel star wars films.) I was explaining to a friend what RPGs are about, and was showing him my AD&D / Labyrinth Lord books, which he found really cool and evocative. Then I told him about the newer editions of D&D, which I said I thought had lost something of the original spirit, and why Labyrinth Lord exists as a means of keeping the older games alive - to which he replied "Oh so it's like the new star wars films compared to the originals?". I was very impressed with that analogy. :)

  3. @ Elf: I was surprised *I* never thought of it myself...but then, I've been enjoying Episode I of late.

    @ Rorsh: Piloting actions will definitely be influenced by character ability scores and levels (that's already in the game). I hope that's not a stupid idea!
    ; )