Friday, October 22, 2010


No one died tonight...again.

At least, no one died and stayed dead.

We came to one of the more complicated challenges in White Plume Mountain this evening. Ye Old "Inverted Ziggurat." It took a long-ass time to navigate (more specific info tomorrow), but they managed it without a single character death.

There were eight players more than last week. I told the Doc I was totally going to take the kid gloves off tonight, and I believe I did, but it wasn't quite as vicious as I expected/hoped. Part of that was due to the time spent navigating the ziggurat chamber. Sheesh...the things these guys argue about.

Full report's 12:43 and I've been up for 19 hours after only managing five hours of sleep.'s surprising I'm on my game at all!

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  1. ROFL LMAO!!!
    Man, I wish I could have been there...


    Better luck next time, J.