Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just So You Know

The B/X Companion is nearly ready for release.

Or to be more specific, the cover art is nearly finished. Just so everyone knows, the cover artist is Brian DeClercq. If that's a big surprise/spoiler for folks, um...sorry. If that's embarrassing for Mr. DeClercq, well, that I'm not sorry about as I DO plan on putting his name in the credits anyway (duh) and have half a mind to throw the cover art up on the blog right now, despite one or two tiny, little, itty-bitty minor editing requests I've made. Yeah, it's friggin' awesome, even incomplete.

However, selfish bastard that I am, I'm courteous enough to leave his art off the blog till it's absolutely finished. My impetuous nature might cause me to throw half-baked theories and less-than-spell-checked posts up on the internet for all to see, but MY reputation is already shot (at least with some folks). I won't do the same with Brian.

Still, he better have it ready soon 'cause I'm salivating to show off his masterful work.
; )

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