Thursday, July 22, 2010

B/X Against the Cult of the Reptile God

You all have been real swell about this week's rambling nerdiness regarding what's D&D, what isn't and how I can't even really hate 4E because I think it may be a fine (if limited) game, just not Dungeons & Dragons.

Thanks. And for being such good sports, here's that B/X conversion of N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile Gods I was promising, oh, way back in May, I think.

Sorry...I've been busy. And it's a LOT damn longer than my prior White Plume Mountain conversion. You can download it right here.

Now a few notes: you WILL need a copy of the original text/maps to make use of the copyrighted material is presented, and unfortunately this is NOT a module that the WotC folks have seen fit to publish on their web site. Sorry, but the blog readers voted it in, so this is the conversion I did.

You will probably want to read this blog post about the clerical version of Animate Dead for B/X. If you don't want to read my "design notes," skip to the end where the spell is. Or you can just buy my soon-to-be-released B/X Companion, as the spell is in there, too.

The Reptile God is one, tough mother...tougher perhaps in B/X than in AD&D, though that's debatable. Personally, I think the end monster of the original N1 is a TPK waiting to happen, which is why (I think) the author added certain magical aids for the party. The modifications for B/X (there's no "globe of minor invulnerability" in B/X...but none needed in this module), should still allow a smart, determined party a fighting chance, but I can't honestly two test runs ended in TPKs long before the players ever faced the final foe!

Good luck, have fun, hope you enjoy! And thanks again for reading!
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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this. This was one of my favorite modules back in the day, even with the big bad at the end.

  2. 8.5 years later I'm using your notes. Thanks for putting in the work.

    1. Right on, man. Glad folks are still getting use out of it.
      : )