Thursday, July 22, 2010

B/X Against the Cult of the Reptile God

You all have been real swell about this week's rambling nerdiness regarding what's D&D, what isn't and how I can't even really hate 4E because I think it may be a fine (if limited) game, just not Dungeons & Dragons.

Thanks. And for being such good sports, here's that B/X conversion of N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile Gods I was promising, oh, way back in May, I think.

Sorry...I've been busy. And it's a LOT damn longer than my prior White Plume Mountain conversion. You can download it right here.

Now a few notes: you WILL need a copy of the original text/maps to make use of the copyrighted material is presented, and unfortunately this is NOT a module that the WotC folks have seen fit to publish on their web site. Sorry, but the blog readers voted it in, so this is the conversion I did.

You will probably want to read this blog post about the clerical version of Animate Dead for B/X. If you don't want to read my "design notes," skip to the end where the spell is. Or you can just buy my soon-to-be-released B/X Companion, as the spell is in there, too.

The Reptile God is one, tough mother...tougher perhaps in B/X than in AD&D, though that's debatable. Personally, I think the end monster of the original N1 is a TPK waiting to happen, which is why (I think) the author added certain magical aids for the party. The modifications for B/X (there's no "globe of minor invulnerability" in B/X...but none needed in this module), should still allow a smart, determined party a fighting chance, but I can't honestly two test runs ended in TPKs long before the players ever faced the final foe!

Good luck, have fun, hope you enjoy! And thanks again for reading!
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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this. This was one of my favorite modules back in the day, even with the big bad at the end.