Saturday, June 6, 2009

All This About a Sword?

Actually, no...this is not all going to be about one particular weapon.  Certainly my last blog (which I am hiding from all of you right now), was a particular niche topic...and I got all of 40 posts to it before giving it up.  But a blog specifically about a fictional weapon in a game? No that's way too niche.

I jotted a quick list of possible posts before starting this, and I had more than 100 just off the top of my head.  Only about a third of them pertained to Blackrazor.  The rest have to do with gaming in general, and Old School gaming in particular.  That's what readers can (hopefully) expect from me over the next few weeks and months.

Will I always be this prolific at posting?  I hope not.  Today I spent a lot of time waiting for the delivery guys to bring a new washer and dryer.  Mondays should be fairly active. But the rest of the week I'll try to have at least one or two posts per day.

Thanks again for reading.  Time to go grab some sushi!


  1. Actually, I ended up eating a meatball sandwich at the pub. Hopefully, sushi will be on the menu for tomorrow night!

  2. Welcome to the old school blog-o-sphere. Thanks for stating up Blackrazor. I'm almost hesitant to include so storied a blade in my own games, but you never know.

    If it's not just hidden for lack of recent activity, you might want to include Taichara's Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons in your blog role. While her style is a bit more fairy-tale than might fit with the old school we remember, it's chock full of neat ideas for B/X and BECMI games.

  3. Great blog name. Blackrazor brings to mind all the awesomeness of White Plume Mountain as well as good old Stormbringer and Elric, the first fantasy novels I ever read.