Sunday, February 11, 2024

Happy Super Bowl!

There is something distinctly American about Super Bowl Sunday...and that's part of why I love it. Oh, I dig on football and sport and competition in general, of course. But this year, as with most years, my team is not in the big event...and, yet, that will not stop me from watching. And it will not stop me from rooting HARD for the Kansas City (Amazon) Chiefs to upset the favored San Francisco (Dwarf) 49ers.

Because I hate the 49ers...and it is O So American to root against things we hate. 

And I embrace that about America, as I embrace many of the ridiculousness things about my country. No nation is perfect...we all have our flaws and foibles. Some are worse than others (in my estimation, of course) and some of those of the US of A are worse than a LOT of other countries. 

Still...we don't make things better by running out on it.

This is (as usual) a silly post to write, but it's what's on my mind at this moment as (again, as usual) I am pressed for time. The family is upstairs getting ready for church, while I'm drinking coffee in the kitchen, wearing a blue sweater over a Captain America t-shirt. I am not much of a suit/slacks guy...just plain old blue jeans (but clean and un-holed) for Yours Truly.  Hoping I'll have time to get some ribs in the oven in time for the second half (no grilling's pouring rain in Seattle)...but chances are the fam will want a Sunday brunch after Mass.

Which is fine. It's just what Americans like to do...and we are having an extremely casual Super Bowl event this year: just us, "snacky food" (as my daughter calls it), making spot wagers with each other over what type of commercial comes up during the break.

The usual really.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun (American) holiday. Later, gators.
; )


  1. Go Chiefs! I don't need to see Brock Purdy or any other 49ers in every other add for the next two years.

    It's a holiday bonanza right now. Lunar New Years, Super Bowl, Mardi Gras/Carnival, Valentines day. My sisters birthday is Monday so my kids are riding a high of holiday activities 5 days in a row.

    1. My son's birthday was January 19th so, yeah, I feel you. The holiday season just continues!

  2. If everyone confined their hate to sports rivalries it would be better place in general! Couldn't have asked for a better game either.