Friday, February 3, 2023


My boy has COVID. That sucks. Three years of avoiding the virus and here it is. 

Yesterday, he was a bit of a wreck. He's much better today...eating a big ol' pile of food and watching TV (in the other room) as I type this. I'm guessing he'll be ready for soccer again by tomorrow, but protocol requires he not participate till Wednesday. School he can go back to on Tuesday.

Fortunately, Diego's the stoutest of the family as far as general health and immune system, I am REALLY hoping we can keep it from passing around the household as we're supposed to travel days.


Car's in the shop again...need to go pick that up today. Later, gators.


  1. What a huge shame. Still plenty of it about over here, maybe about one in thirty or so.

  2. I wish Diego a speedy recovery.

  3. That sucks. Hope he is better soon. We all had it over the summer thanks to an ill-advised business trip. Not at all fun.
    On the plus side, the new layout looks nice.

  4. Thank you. He's pretty symptom free at this point and his energy is almost normal. But (as of yesterday) he was still testing positive and his appetite decreased. We'll see how he is today.