Sunday, December 4, 2022

Something Different

December...well, the winter holiday season in general...always seems to be a tough one for blogging about RPGs. So many distractions: not just family/vacation/travel stuff, but just non-gaming stuff (like football season playoff races, holiday parties, school activities, surprise snow falls, etc.), This year, I've got the in-laws in town through the New Year and World Cup soccer to watch as well. 'Course it didn't help that my electricity was shut off for eight hours yesterday (that was planned power company work, not weather related)  Plenty of reasons not to sit down and blog.

Not that I don't want to. Woke up sometime around 4am this morning wanting to reel off a long-winded rant, mostly political in nature, and only tangentially tied to gaming. Instead, I spent a little time surfing the net, popping off on other folks' web sites and (eventually) going back to bed. After all, in addition to everything else, I do need sleep and four hours a night just isn't enough.

But here's the thing: much as I like writing my commentary on gaming (and occasional, practical ideas), I do have some writing projects I'm working on (and, no, not just Micronauts-related). And with limited opportunities for any type of 'sit-down-compose-my-thoughts-and-type,' I'm left with a tough decision: put in effort on things that may (or may not) bear fruit down the road OR bloggity-blog-blog and keep my readership entertained.

And you know I do love you guys.
; )

Soooo...I think I'm going to try something different, at least till the end of the year. I'm going to spend my spare moments working on projects and, when I have opportunities, I may just post excerpts...probably sans explanation. I realize that's kind of lame (no one likes a tease), but I really want to bang out some solid page counts on these ideas, see if they have "legs," and I just can't do that when I keep taking time off to blog about my research on the Great Rift of Idaho (for example) and how it pertains to my AD&D campaign.  Ya' know?

Yeah, yeah...not a very merry Christmas gift for readers, I'm afraid. Maybe it won't be so bad...or maybe I'll change my mind in a week (so wishy-washy!). But that's my plan for the next four weeks.

Later, gators. Much love to all of you.


  1. I down with previews. Crossing fingers it Cry Dark Futures, but good with whatever.

  2. Speaking only for myself, old school gaming thoughts/advice > mysterious project excerpts >>> hemorrhoids >>>>> reading political rants (of any stripe) on an RPG blog.